Ryan Reynolds Prefers 'Deadpool' Costume to Computer-Generated 'Green Lantern' Suit

'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds discusses his preference for the merc-with-the-mouth's costume over the CG Green Lantern suit.

Ryan Reynolds CGI Green Lantern Costume Vs Deadpool Costume

Though Deadpool only recently wrapped production, we've actually seen quite a bit of the film's costume already - worn by star Ryan Reynolds - via set pictures, a video teaser, and numerous official image releases. What's the verdict from fans and critics? Most seem to agree - the suit looks downright amazing. It's incredibly comic-accurate, and an excellent combination of practical, colorful, and fun. This is in stark contrast to the last superhero costume Reynolds wore (or, um, didn't wear) in Green Lantern - a computer-generated body sock - which many fans were immediately skeptical of when it appeared in the first trailer.

During a recent junket for Ryan Reynolds' latest movie, Self/less, we asked the actor about the two costume experiences and whether or not he preferred one to the other. Unsurprisingly, he did indeed.

Screen Rant: You’ve now played two big superheroes in movies. In Green Lantern, you wore a completely computer-generated costume.

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah.

SR: And in Deadpool, you wore an actual physical costume that you put on your body.

RR: Hell yeah.

SR: Which of those two costume experiences did you prefer?

RR: Oh, 'Deadpool,' you can’t even compare - I mean, it’s brutal doing a film where you’re wearing a motion capture suit for the whole time. Just as an actor it’s brutal, but like - a lot of people relate to [Deadpool] because he has cancer. So we worked a lot with the Make a Wish Foundation and those kids would come on set, and I loved hosting them. Because when I’d walk out in that suit, you’d watch their minds explode, and that felt amazing. And that’s something I never really got to experience before because there was no Green Lantern suit. I didn’t even get to see the Green Lantern suit until the first trailer. I never even knew what it looked like. So ['Deadpool'] was a pretty great experience. I love having the tactile, real deal, all the time.

In concept, it sort of makes sense for a Green Lantern suit to be computer-generated. After all, in the comics, it's not a suit that the wearer puts on like he would any other suit. Rather, his Green Lantern ring generates the outfit for him. The problem with that, though, especially for live-action, is that it's not supposed to look like a costume made of pure energy. It's supposed to look like a regular old superhero suit, one that can take damage and tear just like any other.

Deadpool wraps production

The Green Lantern suit of the movie, unfortunately, looked bland, blurry, and weightless, not to mention just poorly designed. If there was a truly important reason for it being digital (besides the glowing), that wasn't made all that apparent by the end of the film's running time.

The Deadpool costume has already proven how beneficial practical costumes can be for comic book movies, what with the excitement and buzz it's already stirring for the film before we've even seen footage from the film.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you prefer the practicality of the Deadpool costume to the computer-generated look of the Green Lantern costume? Drop us a line in the comments.


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