Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool' Movie Just Like The Comics

We’ve yet to see the Cable character in the films and he’s such an integral part of the X-Men mythology. Even more relevant than that is the fact that he and Deadpool had a long-running comic series together that only recently ended to allow them both to have solo titles (as a result of a major X-Men crossover event in Marvel comics).

A bit of a tangent here but my theory on Cable (if he is ever to appear in these movies) is that he’ll be the future product of Cyclops and Emma Frost (as opposed to the dead Jean Grey whom we know from the X-Men trilogy he did not have a child with, or some non-existent clone of her). Emma was intentionally cast in the Wolverine movie and given significant screen time. We also know that before the movie was even debuted, X-Men: First Class was greenlit and that it would not be a reboot, but a prequel to the already-existing films which we can see hinted at from the scene at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Professor X rescues a bunch of the young Weapon X captives.

It’s just a wild theory of a potential story arc, but it would be a way to bridge X-Men: First Class and the Deadpool film together which both are up next on Fox’s slate of Marvel films. Referencing what I said earlier in the article, Typhoid Mary could also be used to bridge Deadpool in with the Daredevil remake. All of this allows Fox to have a shared continuity amongst their films similar to what Marvel Studios is doing with their films. It’s a possibility, but would they care to do such a thing? Would they even bother with Cable and a time-travel story line? Maybe that’s all too complicated and unnecessary.

In the Deadpool comics, the character is most known for breaking the fourth wall. He realizes he’s in a comic and speaks directly to the reader as such. With what Reynolds is saying about staying true to the source material, can we expect that in the film or would that be too weird? Either way, his main weapon is his craziness and his words and we'll be sure to get a ton of that.

What do you think of Ryan Reynolds’ comic-based Deadpool film?

In other news, many video gamers were surprised by the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, finally seeing a movie tie-in game that is better than the movie it is based on. Apparently, Raven Software (the folks behind that game) is extremely interested in making the video game for X-Men Origins: Deadpool. I for one am interested in that as I am excited for the Deadpool movie.

Source: HitFix, MFW (lead-in image edited from one of their wallpapers), UGO

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