Ryan Reynolds Wishes Donald Glover's Animated Deadpool Series Had Happened

Many Deadpool fans wish that Donald Glover's animated series for The Merc With The Mouth had been picked-up by FX. Ryan Reynolds is one of them.

Deadpool lovers everywhere were disappointed when it was announced that FX would not be picking up Donald Glover's pilot for an animated series based around The Merc With A Mouth. Yet none were so disappointed as Ryan Reynolds, who brought Deadpool to life in the hit 2016 live-action film.

A fan of the original Deadpool comics, Reynolds took the initiative in trying to bring the popular anti-hero to life in a solo movie, after being cast as Wade Wilson in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. To say that Reynolds and other Deadpool fans were disappointed with the character called "Deadpool" who was presented in the movie would be a major understatement. Despite Reynolds' passion for the project, 20th Century Fox was unwilling to pursue an R-rated superhero movie true to the spirit of the original comics, until test-footage was leaked online and went viral. The resulting movie went on to have the highest-grossing opening weekend of any R-rated movie in history, and went on to be second only to The Passion of The Christ in total earnings by an R-rated movie in the United States.

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Reynolds spoke about Glover's animated series, as part of an interview with The New York Times regarding Deadpool 2. When asked about the Deadpool animated series, Reynolds was highly complementary of Donald Glover, calling him "a genius." "I would’ve loved to have seen what he did with that," Reynolds said.

Deadpool animated TV show from Donald Glover

Reynolds is not alone in his opinion. Test footage of the Deadpool animated series was released online to great acclaim. While not as rough as the brief animation used in the credit sequences of the original Deadpool movie, Glover's animated series did boast a gritty aesthetic that suited the tone of Deadpool's adventures in the comic books. The animated series was planned to be in its own continuity apart from the films, suggesting that the series might have stayed closer to the classic comics stylistically, and maybe even adapted some of the better Deadpool comic book storylines.

Unfortunately, such speculation seems pointless now. The reasons for why FX refused to pick up the Deadpool animated series after the runaway success of the original film are unknown. Given how wildly popular the character is and how big of a hit Deadpool 2 is expected to be when it hits the big screen later this month, an animated series based on the character - any version of him - seems like a license to print money. Hopes are high that another record-shattering opening might change some minds at FX, but such dreams seem as likely as Hugh Jackman coming out of retirement for a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up movie.

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Source: New York Times

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