Deadpool 2 Budget Will Not Be 'Phenomenally Bigger'

Ryan Reynolds discusses the production budget for the upcoming Deadpool 2, playing coy when it comes to the sequel's scope.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)

There are few productions as anticipated as the upcoming sequel, Deadpool 2. The R-rated adaptation of Marvel Comics' most irreverent superhero was released last year to huge acclaim and box-office success. The instant that the character reemerged in a post-credit sequence in his Ferris Bueller-style bathrobe and teased of a sequel, the internet has been ablaze with speculation.

The original 2016 Ryan Reynolds-led film had a long and circuitous pre-production that resulted in the film taking almost a decade to get off the ground. It was only after test footage was leaked on the internet that Fox Studios gave the movie the greenlight due to an overwhelming fan response to video. The movie eventually had an enormous $132 million domestic opening and went on to gross over $783 million worldwide, against a meager production budget estimated to be as low as $58 million.

A profit margin that large usually signals that there will be newfound financial flexibility for the follow-up installment. However in an interview with Variety, Reynolds - who is also a producer on the project - explains that may not be the case for the upcoming sequel: 

“The budget is not going to be phenomenally bigger. Who knows? Maybe the budget will be bigger — anything can happen.”

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Fans

There were a lot of reports and speculation late last year about the departure of director Tim Miller from the sequel to his hit movie. This includes an assertion - that Miller has gone on to directly refute - that there were conflicts about casting and the overall budget for the followup. Interestingly enough, Reynolds seems to hedge his bets about the scope of the sequel, which may signal that story and budgeting isn't quite complete, or he's simply trolling those that have been following the story in typical Deadpool fashion.

Deadpool has surprisingly turned up in the most unlikely of places recently - awards season. The raunchy comedy was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical, along with Ryan Reynolds himself for Best Performance by an Actor - Musical or Comedy at this year's ceremonies. That is truly the crowning achievement of the astronomical rise for the movie and property as a whole. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Deadpool franchise has the distant scent of prestige, so it will be interesting to see how the sequel will be handled.

Fortunately for loyal Deadpool fans, there shouldn't be too much worry for concern, regardless if the budget expands by $10 or $100 million. Along with the newly-hired director David Leitch - whose ability to stage stylish action has been proven with John Wick - the original screenwriting team, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, along with Reynolds all seem to be fully dedicated to delivering a sequel worthy of the original.

Source: Variety

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