Ryan Reynolds & Conan O'Brien Make The Notebook 2, Sort Of

It’s been over 10 years since The Notebook first hit theaters, transforming into one of the most celebrated cinematic love stories of the 21st century. During its heyday, it grossed over $115 million worldwide, and remains among the top-grossing romance films of all time. It also launched the career of leading man Ryan Gosling, who has since starred in A-list titles like Drive, The Ides of March, and Gangster Squad.

In one of its most famous scenes, Noah (Gosling) proclaims his feelings for his long lost lover Allie (Rachel McAdams) amidst a particularly turbulent thunderstorm. The two share an epic kiss in the rain, and retreat into the home he built for her to rekindle their former relationship.

In the years since, the moment has earned frequent reference, but Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien apparently thought it needed a full-out reboot. During Reynold’s appearance on Conan Wednesday night, the pair ran through a series of ridiculous fake product ideas—ham underwear, an anti-dolphin documentary—before the actor finally revealed a previously unreleased clip from his and Conan’s alleged trip to Mexico as part of his pitch for The Notebook 2. “Remember that vacation we took in Tijuana a couple years ago, when we split that bottle of absinthe?” Reynolds asked. “Well, we fell in love, and I filmed it.”

The Notebook 2 Conan

He then turned viewers’ attention to the video (watch it above), which featured the two pranksters recreating the original movie’s steamy, rain-soaked makeout line for line, albeit a bit sloppier. "How's my stomach taste?" Reynolds asked O'Brien after it aired. "You have the longest tongue in show business, my God!"  As a bonus, Reynolds also managed to put together his proposed cover for The Notebook sequel, again exactly like the 2004 film’s. His, however, included the tagline “Behind every great host is a great guest," an amusing play on the original's "Behind every great love is a great story."

It’s unclear why Reynolds thought now was a good time to riff on the project, but it certainly provided the internet with an excellent Thursday morning pick me up; the audience response on Conan was one of the most raucous in the late night show’s catalog.

It was also an excellent way for Reynolds to flex his comedic prowess as he juggles the ongoing fallout from Deadpool’s sequel, shifting attention away from director Tim Miller’s sudden departure and back toward why fans loved the film in the first place.

The Notebook 2 is not scheduled to ever hit theaters.

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