Ryan Reynolds Sets Clue Movie At Fox With Deadpool Writers

Ryan Reynolds signed a three-year first-look deal with Fox, and the first project in development is Clue, a movie based on the board game that he will produce and star in.

Reynolds is poised to become a key figure in the Disney/Fox merger with a three-year deal that will see him both produce and star in new Fox content. Reynold's production company, Reynolds' Maximum Effort, has agreed to a first-look deal with Fox that will give the studio the opportunity to pounce on Maximum Effort's projects before anyone else. Reynolds will also be producing and starring in the upcoming Deadpool sequel for Fox, set to debut May 18.

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Reynolds has six producing credits to his name, half of which are X-Men related, but the first film he's slated to oversee in this three-year deal is a reimagining of Clue, as reported by Deadline. The 1985 Clue movie, also based on the mystery board game of the same name, was a beloved cult hit blending mystery and intrigue with popular comedic actors. Reynolds will produce and star in the film. Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are in talks to join the creative team.

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A remake of the 1985 Clue was attempted in 2008 with Gore Verbinski at the helm, but the project ultimately fell through. Reynolds' iteration will be inspired by the game but doesn't appear to be related to the previous film in any way.

Reynolds worked hard on and offscreen to make Deadpool the runaway success that it was. Despite years of turmoil attempting to get the Merc with the Mouth's story told (and a maybe not-so-accidental leaking of test footage revealing Reynold's now-iconic assassin), Deadpool went on to rake in an impressive $783 million worldwide making it Fox's most lucrative film since Avatar. Reynolds also enjoyed huge financial gain from Deadpool's surprise success. Reynolds reportedly pulled in $2 million to start and may have ultimately walked away with $10 million thanks to box-office bonuses and backend compensation.

While some may have been nervous about Deadpool (and Reynold's) future with Fox after news of the Disney buyout, Fox assured fans the untitled sequel would be unaffected by the deal. Fox is already holding good on that promise, moving the film's debut up a full two weeks. Between Deadpool and the three-year first-look deal, it seems safe to say Reynolds will be a steady presence at Fox for quite some time.

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Source: Deadline

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