First Look at Ryan Reynolds Buried

Last month, Screen Rant reported that Ryan Reynolds would be spending some time working on an indie project titled, Buried. The film would star him literally buried alive in a coffin all by himself for most of the film.

The movie would certainly test Reynolds' acting skills and would represent a something a lot different from some of the other roles we have seem him in this year.

Today, we have our first two images for the film thanks to Twitch, one behind-the-scenes with Reynolds and the director, the other of Reynolds actually in the coffin from the movie.

At the time we first heard about Buried, Reynolds described the story as a one-may show, and entire film just on him.

“‘Buried’ is the story about a guy who’s buried (laughs). It’s the only movie I’ve ever heard of with only one person in it. So it’s just me, I’m the only person in the whole movie so, I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s either going to be, you know, the greatest, most experimental cool movie ever made or god knows what”

Here's the pics [Click to Enlarge]:

Ryan and his cellphone - that's all, folks

Ryan Reynolds & Director Rodrigo Cortés

I'm a big supporter of Reynolds' work and I love that he's working on this project before he heads back to some massive-scale big budget fare in Green Lantern and Deadpool.

The indie film is directed by Rodrigo Cortés on screenplay written by Chris Sparling. Filming will take place entirely in Cortés’ home country of Spain and the film will be released some time next year.

What do you think of Buried and will you look for it when it releases?

Sources: Twitch

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