Ryan Reynolds Announces New Detective Pikachu Trailer With Hilarious Video

Ryan Reynolds announces a new Detective Pikachu trailer is on the way by sharing a hilarious video that pokes fun at his acting method. One of the summer's most buzzed-about offerings, Detective Pikachu puts a Who Framed Roger Rabbit spin on the popular Pokémon property, teaming up the titular sleuth with human partner Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) as they try to solve the mystery of Tim's father's disappearance. Legendary Pictures is so confident in Detective Pikachu's prospects, they're already moving ahead on a sequel, hiring 22 Jump Street's Oren Uziel to write the script.

Looking at the first wave of Detective Pikachu marketing materials, it's easy to see why Legendary and Warner Bros. are so excited by its potential. The film looks to be an entertaining blend of noir and buddy cop elements, all through the prism of a global phenomenon that seized the zeitgeist again not too long ago thanks to the success of the Pokémon GO mobile game. The movie's first trailer sold viewers on the premise, showcasing what live-action Pokémon look like and highlighting the touching friendship at the film's core. Soon, fans will be able to get a fresh look at what's in store.

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On Twitter, Reynolds shared a parody video where he appears on the Outside the Actors Studio program to describe his process of playing Detective Pikachu. In his post, he mentioned that a new trailer will be online tomorrow, February 26. Check it out in the space below:

The video is clearly mocking intense method actors who go the extra mile to prepare for their roles, with Reynolds joking about immersing himself in Pokémon lore, contemplating serious weight loss before doctors stepped in, and neglecting to pick up his daughters from school because Detective Pikachu isn't a father. What really elevates this promo is the participation of Reynolds' wife Blake Lively, who appears thoroughly unimpressed with her husband's dedication to craft. Lively's comments are certainly worth a laugh or two, particularly her complaint about Reynolds not changing his voice for Detective Pikachu. After the first trailer, some people were distracted by that choice, since it made Pikachu sound like every other Reynolds character (most notably Deadpool). Lively closes her bits out by saying she and the kids will not be seeing the movie in theaters.

As for the upcoming trailer, now that people have been familiarized with the setup and universe, it'll be interesting to see if it sheds more light on the story or highlights even more Pokémon fans will see onscreen. The first couple of TV spots by and large recycled elements from the first theatrical preview, such as the questioning of Mr. Mime. Given Detective Pikachu's mystery component more than likely hinges on a few plot twists, nobody should expect the next batch of footage to give anything major away, but it would be nice to get a larger overview of the main narrative and what's at stake. If nothing else, the trailer should show off some new set pieces and comedy bits in an effort to get more people onboard.

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