No 'Captain America' Role For Ryan Phillippe

When the Captain America casting fiasco search was going down a few months back, Ryan Phillippe was one of the actors rumored for the role. When Chris Evans was cast as Captain America, there were rumors floating around that Phillippe might have a supporting role in the film.

Well today, while on the press junket for his starring role in MacGruber, Phillippe addressed the Captain America rumors directly.

I had the opportunity to ask Phillippe several questions, and because I love you Screen Rant readers, you know Captain America was the first topic I touched on. Check out Phillippe's response when I asked him if he was in the movie:

"No man, I would have loved it, they didn't want me. I met with them and stuff, I was way into it - especially since I have a six-year-old son - I just thought it would've been awesome thing to do... but no it didn't happen. I would love to find something like that - I want to find something physical before I get too old... I've been in martial arts since I was eight years old - I want to find something where I can use that some of that stuff."

So there you have it - unless he's being extremely coy, it would seem that Ryan Phillippe will NOT be showing up in The First Avenger: Captain America as one of the Invaders, the Howling Commandos, or anybody else.

Personally I find that to be a shame: I know some readers thought Phillippe would've been good for the leading role of Cap, and if you look over his acting resume, he's played military man roles in Flags of Our Fathers, Stop-Loss and even in MacGruber. The guy is a pretty solid actor, and his involvement would've certainly been a reason for ladies to go see Captain America along with their boyfriends. Oh well.

Were you guys (or gals) hoping that Ryan Phillippe would show up in Captain America, if only in a supporting role?

You can next catch Phillippe onscreen this Friday in MacGruber.

The First Avenger: Captain America (or is it Captain America: The First Avenger now?) hits theaters on July 22, 2011.

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