Ryan Murphy Teases New American Horror Story Season 7 Monster

Ahead of an election-themed season 7 of FX's American Horror Story, creator Ryan Murphy gives a creepy new tease of what monsters are coming.

Twisty in American Horror Story

It looks like creator Ryan Murphy is living up to the "horror" part of American Horror Story as he reveals a potential new monster for the upcoming season of the show. Already teasing a politically charged theme when it returns in September, it looks like Murphy plans on giving viewers nightmares.

With promises of election night horror and appearances from Trump and Clinton, Murphy didn't really need to make season 7 of his horror anthology any scarier that it already is, that being said, his latest horrific creation looks to bring the scares and question marks in equal measure.

Taking to Instagram, the acclaimed writer/director gave us a clue of who this season's big bad could be. Alongside the caption "AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity," Murphy shared the new image:

AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity

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The monster may look like it has been pulled from the imagination of Bryan Fuller and an episode of Hannibal or American Gods, but it is definitely unique. Sporting glazed eyes, horrifically scarred skin, and limbs protruding from its scalp, the female-looking monster seems to be taking the season on an occult journey. With the last character tease appearing to be a Republican elephant, many had expected the next reveal to be some sort of Democrat donkey. There is something slightly equine about the monster, and it does use the party's blue coloring, but we'll admit, we are stumped on this one.

While we know very little about the upcoming season, the hand-horned creature is guaranteed to keep us up at night just like previous monsters the Addiction Demon and Twisty the Clown. With the show known for having some form of murderous (usually supernatural) creature, it's no surprise that Murphy would try and top that this year. 2016's Roanoke divided critics when it also divided its season into two halves, fans are hotly anticipating a very meta take on the American election.

Though Roanoke may have kept fans in the dark until it revealed its unique setting, it is refreshing to see that Murphy is returning to his old ways and drip-feeding information on what's to come. Perhaps he learned that the viral marketing campaign of Roanoke isn't something he can pull off every year. We still don't know who could be sticking on the prosthetics to play the ambidextrous creature, but with Lady Gaga not returning, here's hoping someone equally as memorable nabs the part. Perhaps newcomer Billie Lourd could step into an early spotlight as the villainess, or could Sarah Paulson play a bad guy again by sticking on some extra arms this time around? That would sure be one way for Murphy's series to hit the headlines once more.

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