Ryan Murphy Developing Black Mirror-Style #MeToo Anthology Series

Ryan Murphy

The #MeToo and #Time'sUp movements have been taking Hollywood by storm recently. Now, prominent TV showrunner Ryan Murphy is looking to present his own take on the social justice phenomenon with an anthology series potentially titled Consent - and he just may be the right person for the job.

Murphy has not expressed surprise at many of the revelations and accusations coming out of these movements, but he has often shown support. When asked about the often turbulent private lives of his own cast members, Murphy seems sad and regretful over the wild chaos surrounding his actors, especially the cast of Glee. But, he also says this is a normal occurrence in Hollywood; it's the state of the industry. Perhaps, that's why he's been so keen to "bring in the new people" as the powers that be in Hollywood are brought to justice one by one.

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The New Yorker reports that Ryan Murphy has now expressed interest in developing an anthology series based on the #MeToo movement. Murphy is no stranger to anthology series - American Horror StoryAmerican Crime Story, and Feud are all such shows - but this new series would pose a slightly different challenge for the showrunner. He plans for the show to function in the style of Black Mirror, in which each new episode tells a stand-alone story. Murphy envisioned episodes tackling Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and more. Furthermore, he already has a name picked out for the potential series: Consent.

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy, who developed the series along with Brad Falchuk

Murphy has often been commended for his diverse casting and strong characters. Women are frequently a focal point of his TV shows; Sarah Paulson has often been referred to as his muse. His final FX developed series, Pose, is already breaking records for its large cast of LGBTQ performers. Plus, it's well-known that the showrunner doesn't shy away from controversy and hot topics. The latest season of AHS covered everything from immigration and women's rights to Trump and mass shootings. In short, Consent would be willing to tackle the nitty-gritty aspects of the #MeToo movement, for good or bad.

The Pose writers' room has seen its fair share of transition stories and stories of abuse and hard times. It seems quite clear the writers draw on personal experience to bring this progressive series to the screen. Consent could, presumably, be no different in its raw emotions as Murphy does have some experience with these sorts of situations himself. He revealed that he had been molested when he was younger and has also been a victim of domestic violence, which may also be another factor in him choosing to develop Consent.

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Source: The New Yorker

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