Ryan Gosling Makes His Triumphant Return in SNL Season Premiere Promo

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Ryan Gosling will make a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live in the show’s season 43 premiere, the latest SNL teaser trailer has revealed. This appearance will coincide with the release of his latest movie project, Blade Runner 2049. The film has received an immensely positive first wave of critical reactions, with those lucky enough to see the film early praising it as a masterpiece.

Gosling’s own fears about following Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi flick, Blade Runner, “were goneas soon as he read the script, the star recently revealed. As well as this SNL appearance, Blade Runner 2049’s pre-release promotional window has also thrown up a prequel anime (which fans can now watch online), a short film about Jared Leto’s Wallace, and lots of talk about whether Harrison Ford’s Deckard is a replicant.

And now comes the first teaser trailer for Ryan Gosling’s Saturday Night Live appearance, which will air live across the USA this coming Saturday. Gosling will be joined on the episode by Jay-Z, the season 43 premiere’s musical guest. And, as this trailer shows, Gosling hasn’t lost his funny bone since his last appearance on the show.

Ryan Gosling Saturday Night Live SNL

“All my life, I knew I could host SNL”, Gosling intones with a wispy air, as lounge music plays out and nighttime shots of New York are displayed in sexy slow motion. Glimpses of Gosling’s face are superimposed over the cityscape, as his voice of God narration – which wouldn’t feel out of place in a re-edit of Blade Runner ­– continues to grow in ridiculousness. “But you only got part of me last time”, he mentions in closing. “This time, I’m gonna give the world my soul. I’m gonna give them something they’ll never, ever forget...”

And then comes the comedic cutaway. Gosling’s rambling is cut off by a security guard at NBC Studios, who lambasts him for not having a visitor’s pass. Gosling is denied entry, and the security staff makes short work of his attempt to break in. And in the final moment of the clip, Gosling shows off his comedic chops, delivering the barmy line “everyone’s doing a crackerjack job”, in praise of NBC’s security team. A fairly simple promo video, then, but nonetheless a fun one.

It’ll be interesting to see how Gosling bounces off the SNL team – which now has three new members – when the episode airs on Saturday, September 30. It will be broadcast live coast-to-coast, 11:30et/8:30pt. The following week’s episode will feature Gal Gadot and Sam Smith.

There are bound to be some Blade Runner and Wonder Woman skits coming to bear in the next couple of weeks, then. And as the Saturday Night Live footage drops online, you can be sure of finding it right here on Screen Rant.

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Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday, September 30 on NBC.

Source: NBC

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