Ryan Gosling Drops 'Logan's Run'; Will Director Nicolas Winding Refn Follow?

Ryan Gosling

Carl Erik Rinsch signed on to direct the Logan's Run remake a few years ago, but he ended up passing on the sci-fi flick in favor of 47 Ronin (a 3D blockbuster that has endured its fair share of behind-the-scenes troubles). Drive actor/director duo Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn become attached thereafter, but there has been little in the way of significant updates since - beyond reports about the script exchanging hands a few times, that is.

In his 'Remakes & Reboots' post, our Kofi Outlaw anticipated that Refn would also end up passing on Logan's Run - as he is too much of an 'outsider' to fit the demands of the studio system (without some significant restrictions in terms of creative freedom). Refn, as far as we know, is still attached - but he might not be for much longer.

The reason? Gosling has passed on Logan's Run, as confirmed by Variety's Justin Kroll. Earlier this year, Refn said it was the concept (that is, a dystopian future where people are required to die prematurely, to prevent over-population) that had drawn him to the project. However, the opportunity to continue collaborating with Gosling surely played an important role in keeping his interest these past couple years, as the two have established a strong working relationship (they've already reunited on Refn's next film, Only God Forgives).

Gosling is preparing to work on his directorial debut on How to Catch a Monster, featuring his Drive costar Christina Hendricks (who, of course, is best known for her work on Mad Men). That, in combination with slow development on Logan's Run, might have contributed to his departure - seeing how there've been no reports of, say, a fallout between the actor and Refn (or something similar that would lead to Gosling moving on).

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Refn, as it were, has voiced a desire to bring back the 'Driver' character in a future film (though, not a sequel to Drive), so he's clearly still interested in working with Gosling again. Moreover, the former's been linked to a number of projects in recent months (including, a Barbarella TV series, a Button Man adaptation, and the Equalizer movie with Denzel Washington), suggesting that perhaps both he and Gosling have had their sights set elsewhere (other than on Logan's Run) for a while now.

Expect an official update on Refn and Logan's Run in the near future - though, all things considered, it's a fair bet that he's already (unofficially) left the project, which means this particular remake has been knocked back to square one.


Source: Variety

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