Is Ryan Gosling The Green Lantern?

So I wasn't going to write about this because at this point it's just rumor, but then again my boyz over at Latino Review are usually right on the money with these things months ahead of anyone else. Plus I took the time to put together that really cool image you're staring at - so I figured "What the hell."

It looks like Ryan Gosling may be on the fast track to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie.

Again, this is VERY far from official. Apparently he hasn't even been made an offer yet according to El Mayimbe over at Latino Review. Right now the word is that the studio would like Gosling for the role, and that's as far as it goes.

But if you were ol' Ryan, what would YOU say? :-P

He's been nominated for an Oscar and has plenty of films under his belt and based on that picture it wouldn't take much to buff him up to superhero level physically.

Things seem to be ramping up lately for Green Lantern... seems like DC has gotten a little taste of superhero success with The Dark Knight and they want another hit.

While people usually equate Iron Man with Batman, another analogue to Iron Man was always been Green Lantern - since he doesn't have any super-powers inherently but gets them from an external piece of technology (in GL's case, his ring).

What do you think? Would Ryan Gosling be a good choice to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern?

Source: Latino Review

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