10 Gifts For The Ryan Gosling Superfan In Your Life

Starting out as a sweet-faced, singing and dancing, straight-out-of-Canada boy on The Mickey Mouse Club in the mid-90s, Ryan Gosling was born to be a star. He moved on to become a child actor, then shoot various films until coming into the mainstream line of vision with his swoon-worthy performance in The Notebook, opposite Rachel McAdams.

Fans of Ryan's dreamy face will enjoy this list of gifts, as well as those who are more into his harder, tougher portrayals in films like Drive and Blade Runner. From coloring books to Ryan-faced coffee mugs, dig into these items to have your loved one feeling like they're the only one in the room.

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10 "Hey Girl!" Coffee Mug

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The "Hey Girl!" Ryan Gosling meme is one of the most famous celebrity memes in existence. For a Gosling fan, it's likely one of their favorites as well. The origin of the meme is thought to be the blog, F--k Yeah! Ryan Gosling, and there are no signs of this photoshopping trend being extinguished any time soon. The mug is printed on both sides and features a drawing of Ryan's handsome face, sporting glasses and a white tank top.

A speech bubble protrudes from his head with the famous meme quote inside. Reminiscent of a vintage comic book style, this makes a great gift for a coffee or tea drinker who wishes they could share a cup with Ryan.

9 Officer K Funko POP!

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In Bladerunner 2049, Gosling played a heroic replicant police officer, by the name of Officer K. For Bladerunner fans, this character represents speed, agility, intelligence and a revealing plot twist.

The pop is 3 3/4 inches tall, standard size, and holds his gun at the ready. The paint is detailed with facial hair, Officer K's classic coat from the film and a somber expression on his face. Bioengineered to be 100% devoted to his job protecting the law, this little figure makes a great desk mascot or a fun toy to have sci-fi adventures with. This is a great starting point for, or addition to, a Blade Runner 2049 Funko POP! collection.

8 The Notebook - Hardcover

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The novel by Nicholas Sparks was a New York Times bestseller within the first week of its release, in fall of 1996. It tells a tale of long-enduring romance and unbreakable bonds. Eight years later, the story was adapted into a film, starring Ryan Gosling in his breakout heartthrob role, opposite fellow Canadian actor, Rachel McAdams.

For those who fell in love with Gosling over the film version of the story, this makes a beautiful gift to read while relaxing to the sounds of well-timed rainstorms. Author Nicholas Sparks is also well-known for his romantic novels-turned-films, including A Walk to Remember, Dear John and Safe Haven.

7 La La Land Soundtrack

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At the 2017 Academy Awards, composer Justin Hurwitz took home awards for both Best Original Score (for La La Land) and Best Original Song (for 'City of Stars', of the same film). 'City of Stars' is performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and is a highlight of this soundtrack.

The music of La La Land was what gave the film its sparkle, and Gosling fans melted at the sound of his voice on these tracks. The CD has 15 tracks from the movie, with lyrics written by Pasek and Paul, a songwriting duo known for The Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen and James and the Giant Peach.

6 Drive Scorpion Jacket

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This jacket was the most emotive part of Ryan Gosling in the thriller, Drive.  His portrayal in this novel-turned-movie was of a stoic, disturbed stunt man, who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. One of Gosling's most unique performances (and most emotionally charged, despite his hard persona), it gave him a classic movie star quality and edge we hadn't seen before. For fans of Drive, this jacket allows them to play the part of Gosling's unnamed character.

The jacket is made of quilted satin fabric and a polyester lining, with the scorpion image emblazoned on the back. The front zips up and two pockets are on the front, as well as two inside. This makes a very detailed Halloween costume, or is great for everyday wear as it blends in enough not to be cheesy.

5 Feminist Ryan Gosling Book

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Hey, girl. This book is about feminism. It comes from the creator of the blog of the same title, Feminist Ryan Gosling. A gender studies graduate student who needed an outlet for her frustrations and stress, Danielle Henderson created the blog as a hobby at first.

She put feminist ideas in text on top of pictures of Ryan Gosling and soon found that an audience was engaging with her work. Over 100 photos and feminist theories appear in this book, including some popular "Hey Girl," memes. This is a great gift for any feminist who loves Ryan Gosling and has a good sense of humor.

4 Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

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This adult coloring book features images of Ryan Gosling for your coloring pleasure. There is a single picture per page, to prevent a messy bleed-through incident where Ryans blend with Ryans (though that might be your thing).

Coloring is a therapeutic tool for many people, with its relaxing, lulling quality. The book claims to show Gosling engaging in "all manner of handsome activities," including "driving, eating, kissing, standing, sitting, walking," and more. This is meant to be a funny book, so it makes a great office gift for someone with a hard-to-shake Gosling crush or a little token of affection for a loved one.

3 Lars and the Real Girl

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This is a quirky, unusual romantic comedy that tugs on the heartstrings in a way most Ryan Gosling fans crave. In the story, Ryan plays Lars, a man who enters into a loving, happy relationship with a full-size doll he calls Bianca. He then finds himself feeling warm fuzzies for a coworker (who is a real human), falling into a very special love triangle.

The community that surrounds Lars and his earnest portrayal of a man who finds happiness in his own way will have you shedding tears, while being reminded of what truly matters. A Ryan Gosling devotee will be overjoyed to receive this film, in which Gosling gives one of his sweetest performances to date.

2 The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049

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The highly-anticipated 2017 film, Blade Runner 2049, starred Ryan Gosling as Officer K, a replicant LAPD officer. The film incorporated state-of-the-art technology and top-notch design for a truly original cinematic experience.

This book is oversized and makes a beautiful coffee table book. It includes behind-the-scenes photos and production stills, concept art and information on characters, locations and technology. For sci-fi fans who enjoy Gosling's work, this book is a fun delve into the backstage secrets behind the film, spanning two years of production. Storyboards and comments from cast and crew round out this book to make it a must-have for Blade Runner fanatics.

1 Ryan Gosling Paper Doll

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Paper dolls go back too many generations to count, entertaining children and adults alike for centuries. The early 1800s saw paper dolls with accompanying outfits gaining popularity in the United States - but they are a little creepy if you look at them now. These days, paper dolls are available of pretty much any celebrity under the sun - no need to spend time making your own Ryan, you're covered.

This book comes with two cut-out paper dolls of Ryan Gosling, along with many articles of clothing for creating various outfits. Also included in the book is Ryan's late dog, George, who fans will recognize as his best friend. This is a great gift to get adults playing like kids again, as only Ryan can.

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