Ryan Coogler Reveals Another Black Panther Deleted Scene

Another Black Panther deleted scene was revealed during the film's audio commentary on the home video release. Director Ryan Coogler and producer Nate Moore have mentioned multiple times that it was difficult for them to whittle the movie down to its final cut because there were scenes that they wanted to keep in but they couldn't do so without sacrificing time, pacing, and various other elements. Unfortunately, that's part of the job, especially for film editors who are tasked with identifying the necessary scenes.

To start off, the Black Panther assembly cut was 4 hours long, which ended up being cut down to just 2 hours 14 minutes. That's a lot of deleted scenes, and a handful of them have already been revealed and even released over the past few weeks, such as one scene in which a young T'Chaka converses with a young T'Challa. Of them all, though, the most important one to the filmmakers that was almost kept in the film was an argument between Okoye and W'Kabi following Killmonger's rise to power. And now, Coogler has revealed yet another deleted scene, though it's certainly not as important as the other deleted scenes.

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T'Challa's first fight in Black Panther is towards the beginning of the film when he ambushes a convoy of kidnappers, not to rescue Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o) but to ask her to return home with him for his ceremony at Warrior Falls. Of course, it's also a scene in which the filmmakers could introduce some of Wakanda's technology. But have you ever wondered why superheroes just leave their equipment behind without any regard? If some of that technology fell into the wrong hands, then that could empower all the wrong people. Interestingly, that's something the filmmakers did think about but ended up cutting out of the movie.

Black Panther Sneakers Shuri

In Black Panther's audio commentary, Ryan Coogler says that there was a scene in which T'Challa and Okoye are seen collecting their equipment that was used to disable the kidnappers' vehicles, but it was cut out of the movie to keep up its pace. Granted, the scene would've been slow, and it does sound unnecessary, but strangely, it would've been unique compared to other superhero movies, especially the bigger tent-pole flicks that have end-of-the-world scenarios during its final act. Of course, that's also why Marvel Comics and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe implemented the government organization Damage Control.

As previously mentioned, there was once a 4-hour cut of the film (as is the case with many blockbuster movies), so it's unsurprising that much of the filler stuff was removed to conserve time and pacing. The aforementioned scene, unfortunately, is not part of Black Panther's home video release, but there are still a few deleted scenes that add depth and character to the film that are worth checking out.

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Black Panther is out now on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

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