RWBY Volume 6 Episode 1 Finds The Team On A Train Ride From Hell

After a brief respite following the Battle of Haven, Team RWBY were back at it again on the train ride from hell in RWBY volume 6 episode 1.

RWBY volume 6 episode 1 Argus Limited

Just when Team RWBY though they could take a breather, they found themselves on a train ride from hell in RWBY volume 6 episode 1. In the RWBY volume 5 finale fans not only saw Team RWBY finally reunite after an age apart, they also saw them win an epic battle at Haven Academy. The battle ended with Team RWBY and their allies safely securing the Relic of Knowledge and making sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands - i.e. Salem or Raven Branwen.

Team RWBY didn’t get to celebrate their victory for long, because at the end of RWBY’s volume 5 finale Oscar Pine informed Qrow Branwen they must deliver the rescued Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. Not only did Team RWBY’s new quest involve traveling a fair distance from their current location in the kingdom of Mistral, it would also be a journey fraught with peril as RWBY fans found out when volume 6 premiered.

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Titled “Argus Limited," RWBY volume 6 episode 1 sees Team RWBY accompanied by Qrow, Oscar, Nora Valkyrie, Jaune Arc and Lie Ren at a train station about to embark on their journey with the Relic of Knowledge in tow. While Blake Belladonna bids an emotional farewell to Ilia Amitola and Sun Wukong, the rest of the group meet dude-bros Dee and Dudley – a pair of woefully unprepared huntsmen tasked with safely escorting the train through Grimm territory.

RWBY volume 6 train ride

No sooner were Team RWBY and the gang settling into their journey than a horde of Grimm started attacking the train. They went up to the roof to take on the Grimm with the help of Dee and Dudley, but Dee didn’t last long before he was swooped away by a Grimm. When a tunnel approached they were forced to retreat back inside the train to plan their next course of action, while Ozpin spoke through Oscar and told Team RWBY the reason the Grimm were attacking was because they were attracted to the Relic of Knowledge.

Ruby Rose comes up with a bright idea to put the civilian passengers in the front half of the train and separate the cars while Team RWBY, Oscar and Qrow take on the Grimm at the back of the train so everybody else can get to Argus safely. The plan works and they’re able to defeat the Grimm, but a stray fireball released by a dying Grimm causes the back half to crash into the snowy wilderness. Everybody survives but at the end of RWBY volume 6 episode 1, it seems they have a little problem in the shape of a mysterious, elderly female passenger who stowed away on the train – a character who would play an important role over the coming episodes.

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