RWBY Season 5 Episode 14 Finale Recap

RWBY season 5 episode 14 concluded the season and the Battle of Haven arc. Best of all, the episode finally saw Team RWBY reunited.

Here’s what went down in the RWBY season 5 episode 14 finale. It isn’t an exaggeration to say RWBY is massive right now. Not only has RWBY volume 7 just started airing, but production company Rooster Teeth also recently confirmed at New York Comic Con that RWBY volumes 8 and 9 have been officially greenlit. That’s in addition to the recent release of the first issue of the RWBY DC comic and the show’s collaboration with video game Smite: Battleground Of The Gods, which features Team RWBY as playable characters.

It’s safe to say Team RWBY has come a long way but back during the closing chapters of RWBY season 5, the huntresses were facing one of their biggest battles yet at the Haven Academy. The Battle of Haven began in “The More The Merrier” when several villains including Salem, Cinder Fall, Raven Branwen, Adam Taurus, and his White Fang minions converge upon the academy. The ensuing combat saw Professor Leonardo Lionheart outed as a turncoat working for Salem and nearly resulted in the death of Weiss Schnee at the hands of Cinder.

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RWBY season 5 episode 14 saw the culmination of the Battle of Haven’s four-episode arc and marked the end of the season. Titled “Haven’s Fate,” the finale saw the Faunus Army and Mistral police forcing the White Fang to surrender, while Blake Belladonna confronted Adam Taurus before he made a cowardly escape into the night. Blake then joined Weiss and Ruby Rose in fighting off Hazel Rainart, Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai.

RWBY volume 5 episode 14

Meanwhile, down in Haven Academy’s vault Yang Xiao Long emotionally confronted her mother Raven (aka the Spring Maiden) who was about to steal the Relic of Knowledge. Yang discovered her mother killed the previous Spring Maiden for her powers and informed Raven she knew she was scared of Salem, which shamed her into fleeing and let Yang secure the relic. Back above ground Hazel, Mercury and Emerald bid a hasty retreat after realizing Cinder wasn’t coming to save them and Salem killed Professor Lionheart via a Seer for his cowardice. Best of all Ruby Rose, Weiss, Blake, and Yang finally reunited with each other after their separation in the wake of the Battle of Beacon in volume 3.

The Team RWBY reunion was complete but their journey was by no means over as RWBY volume 5 episode 14 ended with Ozpin informing Qrow Branwen they must deliver the rescued Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. As is tradition within the RWBY universe, the finale concluded with a post-credits scene that seemingly saw Raven visiting her ex and Yang’s dad Taiyang in Patch, but RWBY fans would have to wait for more episodes to see how that stinger played out.

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