RWBY: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Blake Belladonna

Set in the future-fantasy world of Remnant, RWBY is an action-adventure animated series that is full to the brim with kick-ass entertainment. Remnant is a world of evil, magical creatures, big corporations, magic, technology, and some pretty crazy weapons. A world where humans and Faunus (human-animal hybrids) that live together but not necessarily in harmony.

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A world that's under threat from evil, but also has to keep itself from falling apart, what with the militant Faunus organization, White Fang, threatening to eradicate human life. All this makes RWBY a fantastic show and if you're still not sold here are 10 great facts about one of it's coolest characters: Blake Belladonna.

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10 Member of the Beacon Academy

As Blake Belladonna is one of the four main characters in RWBY she spends a lot of her time training at the Beacon Academy. Beacon Academy has a long history in the show and is a school for training potential Hunters and Huntresses.

As a Huntress, it is Blake's job to fight off the Creatures of Grimm, monsters that constantly threaten the safety of Remnant. Along with Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long, Blake is part of Team RWBY at the school.

9 Faunus

Blake is a little different from her teammates, however, because she is a Faunus. The world of Remnant contains two types of people; humans and Faunus, a hybrid of human and animal. Blake herself is a hybrid of a cat, with pointy ears sticking out of her hair.

Being a Faunus does come with some advantages, especially when it comes to fighting, but it also means a life of prejudice and discrimination. On a slightly more light-hearted note, Blake's love of tuna is about the only thing that breaks her usually introverted personality.

8 White Fang Member

It's not all fun and games though, because Blake has a dark past. Previously she was a member of the White Fang Faunus group. Now an active enemy of Beacon Academy, they used to be a protest group who protected the lives of Faunus prosecuted by humans.

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It was in this period that Blake was recruited and became an active member, but after the group armed themselves to take more drastic action, she could no longer stay in good conscience, instead, learning how to use her powers better at the Beacon Academy.

7 She's Been a Victim

Unfortunately, Remnant is a far from a perfect world and growing up as a Faunus can be difficult. Having experienced discrimination at an early age Blake has been empowered to stand up for those who are bullied.

This leads her to White Fang but then later to Beacon where she has a reputation for being one of the most righteous members of RWBY standing up for humans and Faunus alike.

6 Don't Mess With Her Ex

While working for White Fang she met and began a relationship with another member, Adam Taurus. The two were originally seen robbing a train full of Dust, a magical element in Remnant.

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They were the perfect double-act and when she eventually left Adam did not take it well. He's a constant reminder to her of her past life and has since become the head of White Fang, relentless pursued her and left her with a nasty scar.

5 Don't Mess With Her Weapon

Weaponry and technology in RWBY are pretty cool anyway but wait till you see what Blake's got. It's called the Gambol Shroud but its technical name is a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VBCS), a multi-faceted gun sword!

The Gambol Shroud is essentially a combination of different weapons and Blake can change it at will, swapping it between cleaver, katana, and gun. Along with her incredible agility, Blake is pretty deadly with this weapon, which can also be loaded with Dust to enhance her other abilities.

4 Semblance

A Semblance is a power that is unique to each person who has it. As it's a manifestation of one's personal power a Semblance is often related to someone's personality. For Blake, with her chequered past and very confused personality, her power is perfect: the ability to create a clone of herself.

While she's used this to great effect for distracting enemies and giving her a leg up in fights, combined with the Dust she loads into her weapon her Semblance gains extra abilities including ice and fire powers.

3 Night Vision

While at first Blake tries to cover up her cat-like appearance she now shows off her ears proudly. Leaning into her Faunus side has definitely proved advantageous when its come to working with Team RWBY.

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Her cat-hybrid body means that she can see in the dark, bona fide night vision! In one episode, in particular, Blake uses to great effect when a White Fang base has its power cut and the whole building is plunged into darkness allowing Blake to easily take it out.

2 Cat-Like Agility

Blake's Faunus abilities don't just affect her appearance and her vision. Being crossed with a cat means that Blake has all the agility of her feline cousins. Usually, this manifests in some pretty insane leaps and jumps, performed at such a speed she's even been able to avoid direct enemy fire.

It's worth looking at her introductory trailer to really see how her incredible acrobatics combines with her weapons and her tech to develop her fighting style.

1 She's Connected to Belle

For our last fact, we're going right back to the very inception of the character if you've still not got a clear picture of just who Blake is. Show creator Monty Oum has stated that the inspiration for Blake came from the Disney character Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Like Belle, Blake is an avid reader and a number of references to the film are made in the series for eagle-eyed viewers to spot.

However, because Blake has a darker side, a history of being misunderstood and an animal-like appearance she also clearly shares a lot with the Beast too. Two different personalities belonging to the same character make Blake one of the most complex and interesting characters in RWBY.

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