Luther Star Ruth Wilson Was Offered a Marvel Movie Role

Ruth Wilson was once offered a movie role by Marvel - but she doesn’t know which character it was. Wilson has worked primarily in theater and television, and she quickly earned a cult following for her portrayal of sociopathic killer Alice Morgan in BBC drama Luther. She's probably best known to American viewers for her role in Showtime drama The Affair.

Wilson doesn’t have many film credits on her CV, though she’s appeared in the major release like Saving Mr Banks, Anna Karenina and The Lone Ranger. The latter movie is the only real blockbuster she’s been a part of, and while she’s offered big movies in the years since, the actress hasn’t found a role she wanted enough to sign on for one.

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It turns out one of those blockbusters was a Marvel movie, with Wilson revealing to Time Out magazine (via The List) she was offered a role in a secret project. The filmmakers couldn’t even reveal what the part was though, so she turned it down sight unseen:

I did have an interview for a Marvel thing ages ago. They wouldn't say what the part was, so I made a questionnaire for the two directors. 'Is she a baddie?' They said she was a bit of both. 'Does she wear leather or latex?' They said no. I was like, [buzzer sound] 'EER-EEER! I said, 'How many days filming is it?' They said 14. I said, '14? That's not very long ... EER-EEER!' So I said no.

Wilson hasn’t totally ruled out ever making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just so long as the role is dull, stating “If you want to be in a Marvel movie, you've got to be a baddie or a superhero. Just being the girl on the side is boring. I'd be up for being a baddie."

Of course, the question becomes what role was Wilson offered? A rumor from 2012 suggested Captain Marvel (aka Major Carol Danvers) was set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and that both Wilson and Emily Blunt were in the running. Danvers was set to make a cameo appearance in an early draft of the script, so while its possible Marvel looked into actresses who could play the character, it seems unlikely they would have been casting that far ahead.

It also doesn’t quite align with Wilson’s comments; she states she spoke with two directors about the project, suggesting it could have been the Russo Brothers. This seemingly narrows the choices down to Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Captain America: Civil War, and since the part wasn’t a superhero or villain and was due to be shot in a short timeframe, this could mean she was offered Sharon Carter/Agent 13, a role that ultimately went to Emily VanCamp.

Regardless, Wilson herself isn’t sure what the role was and doesn’t have any regrets over turning it down. Given her chilling performance on Luther, she would make a great future villain in the MCU - so hopefully, Marvel will offer her a juicier role one day.

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Source: Time Out (via The List)

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