Russo Brothers & Fargo Showrunner Team Up for FX's The Mastermind

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The Russo Brothers will be joining forces with Noah Hawley to bring crime series The Mastermind to FX. The Russo Brothers have been very busy since Captain America: The Winter Soldier bumped them from comedic TV directors to franchise filmmakers. Right now, they're wrapping up filming on Avengers: Infinity War and gearing up to start Avengers 4 any day now. The former will be a prominent part of both D23 this weekend and Comic-Con next week. But despite the rest of the year being Marvel-focused, the two directors aren't slowing down when it comes to other projects.

As of right now, the Russos will be executive producing a TV series based on Quantum & Woody from Valiant Comics. They'll also be helping to adapt Little Nightmares to TV, bringing the hit horror game to life as producers. Meanwhile, Noah Hawley is busy at FX with both Legion and Fargo. The latter just wrapped its third season, and may be in the early stages of mapping out a forth. Meanwhile, Hawley has already started writing the script for the next season of Legion. Now, both the Russos and Hawley will be joining forces for a new crime series at FX.

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Deadline is reporting that Anthony and Joe Russo will direct and produce The Mastermind for FX with Hawley also joining as a producer. Akin to Making a Murderer, the series will follow an investigation into a criminal kingpin.

Anthony Russo and Sebastian Stan on the set of Captain America Civil War
Anthony Russo and Sebastian Stan on the set of Captain America: Civil War

Based on a series of stories by Evan Ratliff for Atavist Magazine, the story of The Mastermind follows programmer and drug kingpin Paul Le Roux across a number of adventures. Eventually, Le Roux turns informant for the DEA and his full story comes to light. With true crime stories a massive industry thanks to several podcasts and TV shows, The Mastermind could be a big hit for FX, with the Russos and Hawley helping to shepherd it.

While Hawley has a well-known history with FX, the Russos actually got their start in TV thanks to the network. After writing and directing the short film The Kiss and the movie Welcome to Collinwood in 2002, they directed the first and third episode of FX's Lucky. From there, they would go on to work on Arrested Development and Community before tackling their first Marvel film.

Unlike the other TV shows they're producing, The Mastermind will mark the first time the Russos have returned to directing television since 2012. With their knack for action and political thrillers displayed in the two recent Captain America films, however, The Mastermind should prove an exciting showcase for their new talents.

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Source: Deadline

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