Russo Brothers Are Excited To Do More Marvel Movies, Especially After Fox Merger

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo open up about their future with Marvel after Avengers 4, saying that they'd be thrilled to carry on with their stint in the company especially with the in-process Dinsey and Fox sale. Collaborating with writers Stephen Markus and Christopher McFeely for the third time, the directing pair is tasked to bring to life the promise of Thanos' arrival that has been teased since 2011's Thor, but as early as now, fans can't help but wonder if they'll stick around once their forthcoming films  roll out.

Back in October, news floated around that the Russos are moving on from Marvel after Avengers 4. The directing duo subsequently addressed the reports, saying that they are totally down to continue their working relationship with Kevin Feige and his company come MCU's mysterious Phase 4. Now, on the verge of debuting their most ambitious work yet in Infinity War, Joe and Anthony once again express their interest in directing more Marvel films down the line, especially once the impending Fox/Disney buyout pushes through some time next year.

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Speaking with Screen Rant during the press junket for Infinity War, we ask the directing duo if they have any concrete plans with Marvel past next year's still-untitled Phase 3-capper. While Joe has revealed that nothing is currently official, considering their experience with the company in the last several years, coupled with the imminent Fox merger, fans shouldn't be surprised to see them back directing an MCU flick.

Joe Russo: Not yet. We love Marvel, that amazing experience with them and Disney. We love comic books. We love telling these stories. Obviously, the Fox / Disney mergers is incredibly exciting to us as comic book fans. We're just trying to get Avengers 4 done and then, you know, we'd love to work with those guys again.

Avengers vs X-Men comic book

While the impending return of X-Men and  Fantastic Four to Marvel is arguably the most exciting thing to look forward to in terms of the MCU's future, it's interesting that Joe specifically pointed that one out when asked about their future with the company, especially since there are a slew of projects already lined up for Phase 4 even before the merger was a thing. Perhaps there may be some internal talks about them possibly helming a film headlined by either of the two IPs or it's the directors' way of dropping hints about wanting to work on the mutants or Marvel's first family. Either way, with their current track record in the superhero genre (hopefully it continues in the twin Avengers sequel), fans would be thrilled to see them direct any movie in the famed franchise.

If Joe and Anthony successfully pull off the massive task of wrapping up the 22-film-arc that the MCU has been treading in the last 10 years, it's a possibility that Feige would let them pick any MCU project that they want. Given the work that they've done with films with a massive cast they'd fit the job well particularly regarding introducing Marvel Studios' version of the X-Men, which deals with multiple interesting players. Fox has been doing a decent job with the mutants for two decades now, but their iteration has always been very focused on one or two characters, with the rest relegated in supporting roles -  a shame considering the rich roster of heroes in that cinematic universe. Maybe the Russos can find a way to make sure that everyone gets their due, similar to what they did in Captain America: Civil War and possibly Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.

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