Russo Brothers Line Up First Post-Avengers 4 Directing Gig

Russo Brothers MCU Infinity Stones

The Russo Brothers have found their first post-Avengers 4 directing job, lining up a movie called Cherry. Since making the jump from TV to the big screen, the Russos have become some of the biggest directors in Hollywood. After helming Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, the duo took the reigns on Avengers: Infinity War and its follow-up, Avengers 4. All three of their released films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been huge hits, and they're currently working to ensure the fourth one will also deliver.

However, after spending roughly six years entrenched in MCU lore, they are looking for a change. The brothers have formed their own production studio, AGBO, with their MCU writing partners Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely also involved. The studio has been acquiring several titles that they'll help bring to life, but the Russos now look to have found their next directing gig.

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Deadline reports AGBO are in negotiations to acquire the rights to a newly published book, Cherry, and that the Russos are already eying the project as the next film they'll direct. The movie will be based on the book by first-time author Nico Walker, which is looking to be bought by AGBO for $1 million. The story follows an Army medic who returns to America with undiagnosed PTSD, becomes addicted to opioid pills, and starts robbing banks. The screenplay will be written by Jessica Goldberg, who is currently writing another AGBO film, Exit West.

Avengers Infinity War set photo - Anthony and Joe Russo

Although some may be surprised to see this will be the Russo brothers' next project, it is one that hits home for them. Walker is from Cleveland, Ohio just the like Joe and Anthony Russo, so that connection exists. The more personal interest from the Russo brothers comes as they've lost loved ones to opioids, so they want to use this as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the problem and raise awareness. With the directors of Civil WarInfinity War, and Avengers 4 attached, this indie drama is sure to generate plenty of attention.

There is currently no timetable for the project, but the Russos won't even begin to start thinking about Cherry in any serious way until their work on Avengers 4 is done. They'll be in charge of reshoots and the rest of post-production several months into 2019. Then following what is sure to be an expansive press tour for the film, they could possibly begin filming late in 2019. This will all depend on how the script develops, though. With the film following Walker's life, the project could be ready to release alongside his release from prison in 2020. More info on Cherry may still be months away at this point as Avengers 4 remains the Russo Brothers' primary focus.

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Source: Deadline

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