10 Quirky Shows Like Netflix's Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll Netflix

Reviews are in, Russian Doll is the next big thing on Netflix. However, the Amy Poehler-produced show about a woman who keeps reliving her own death is only a couple episodes long. If you're like us, that means you probably already finished it and are in the mood for more. Well, you came to the right place. Don't get off the couch just yet, you'll find plenty of Russian Doll-like recommendations in our list of 10 quirky shows similar to Russian Doll.

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10 The Good Place

You're probably already watching The Good Place, so I apologize for starting with it. However, if you've somehow missed out on it and loved Russian Doll, you really should use that love to jumpstart your viewing.

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Like Russian Doll, The Good Place deals with themes of mortality and morality. It features a fascinating mystery and some very rewarding twists. Plus, the characters are lovable for all their faults, and they're some of the funniest fictional characters on TV now. Sure, The Good Place doesn't have as much of an edge as Russian Doll (don't expect any F-words), but it's still got characters that are just as hilariously flawed. Also, it's got Ted Danson. And you know you want to watch Ted Danson.

9 Love

Not every show on this list has something supernatural about it. In fact, a lot of them just have the same type of humor. Love is the first of those shows. Love is a dry, pretty grounded look at romance in the modern world. Its characters are a lot like Nadia in the way they approach life, not quite sure of what they want. We also included Love on this list because, well, it's a Netflix original series just like Russian Doll. And let's face facts, everyone, it's cold outside. Netflix original series' are what we do right now.

8 Night Gallery

Of course, we had to include some shows with supernatural, mysterious storytelling in them. And what better show to recommend than Night Gallery, Rod Serling's 1970s anthology series of horrifying twists and shuddering shocks. Of course, Rod Serling is known most for Night Gallery's predecessor, The Twilight Zone.

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Unfortunately, The Twilight Zone's deserved popularity can sometimes overshadow its younger brother, which is a real shame. Night Gallery is a great show on its own, especially if you're craving more fantastic mystery after Russian Doll. You can stream Night Gallery right now on Hulu.

7 Deadbeat

Deadbeat Poster Hulu

Hulu's original series about a regular shmoe who can talk to ghosts doesn't start like Russian Doll. The main character doesn't discover something weird going on in his life, it's already been happening once we meet him. However, there's a whole lot of comedic mystery on this show. Or is it mysterious comedy? Either way, the show combines them in a way parallel to Netflix's latest hit, and it's worth checking out if you haven't already. Plus, it's just three seasons of TV, so you can get through it pretty quickly.

6 The Almighty Johnsons

The Almighty Johnsons

There's something special about the type of fantasy in Russian Doll. Yes, it's a story about something impossible happening, but it's played pretty close to reality. Nadia might be waking up on the day she dies over and over again, but it's not like she'll be hopping onto a dragon anytime soon. (Then again, there's always season two.) That type of groundedness is what's fun about The Almighty Johnsons. It's a story about a seemingly normal family, who just happen to be the reincarnations of Norse Gods. They have to navigate life in modern-day New Zealand, dealing with jobs, relationships, and just living together as normal humans. For fans of down-to-earth fantasy, The Almighty Johnsons is a surefire hit. Stream it on Netflix now.

5 Fleabag

Russian Doll is a comedy about death. Of course, it's a comedy about a fictional way of dying, but that's still its core. The death in Fleabag is very real, but it's just as funny. The titular character's mother has died, and the way she deals with it is just as unhealthy as Nadia's life at the beginning of Russian Doll.

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Fleabag does break the bonds of realism, however, as the main character will narrate her thoughts to the camera, even as actions are going on around her. Fleabag is perfect not just if you liked Russian Doll, but if you life comedies about people who don't know what they really want. Or just have British accents. Either way, Fleabag is available right now on Amazon Prime.

4 Man Seeking Woman

Jay Baruchel and Katie Findlay as Josh and Lucy n Man Seeking Woman Season 3

Man Seeking Woman is realistic and not. It's not about anything supernatural, just a guy who can't seem to find love. But the way the story unfolds couldn't be more magical. As we watch the main character, Josh, navigate the difficult world of dating, information comes to us in kind of a visual metaphor. For example, if Josh finds a blind date unappealing, she appears on the show as a literal troll, in full Harry Potter make-up. Or when Josh feels he's accomplished something, he'll get a literal call from the president. Man Seeking Woman is kind of an adventure to watch. You can kind of guess what's literally happening to Josh, but only through the hilarious fantastic things his mind projects into reality. Check it out on Hulu now.

3 Being Human

being-human 10 underrated tv series streaming on netflix

This quirky supernatural drama has the same kind of "cult" sensibility that Russian Doll does. As you may already know, Being Human is a BBC drama about three supernatural creatures living together. They are, in no particular order, a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire. The ghost, Annie, will especially remind you of Nadia, because they both have to deal with new situations as a macabre ordeal. Just like Being Human, we can totally see Russian Doll developing a cult following as it grows. God knows someone's got to contend with those kids on Stranger Things.

2 Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is a show that deserves your viewership. Whether you liked Russian Doll or not, you should check it out. But since you've made it this far on a list of shows like Russian Doll, let's explain why it's here.

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Both Russian Doll and Pushing Daisies feels kind of like social experiments. They take a test group of perfectly average, regular people, and drop in just a hint of the extraordinary. Then the test group reacts, and the results are hilarious, poignant, and always entertaining. Pushing Daisies, like Russian Doll, puts ordinary people in extraordinary situations, specifically dealing with a fantastic twist on death. Watch it for great character work, fantastic visuals, and maybe even a song. Oh, and the mysteries are pretty great, too.

1 Barry

Bill Hader Barry HBO

There's one thing about all these shows that's still missing from the Russian Doll comparisons: dark humor. It's a pretty huge aspect of the Netflix hit, frequently making us laugh and shift just a bit in our seats from discomfort. That dark humor is why we've saved Barry for the last entry on this list.

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Barry is an HBO masterpiece about a hitman who wants to be an actor. Wherever he goes, he brings death all around him, even though he just wants to live a normal life. Sound familiar? Not only are Barry and Russian Doll both award-worth dark comedies, but they're also from two of the greatest Saturday Night Live stars to ever live. That's Amy Poehler and Bill Hader, respectively. With season two just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start watching Barry. Especially if dark humor is your thing.

Did you like Russian Doll? If so, what shows would you recommend to people like yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

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