Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Rides In Style

Robin Hood and his merry men drive into battle

This last image may seem a bit out of the ordinary but I assure you, it is not. In the last act of the film, Russell Crowe’s beefier and warrior-like Robin Hood (and his merry men) create a new type of horse called the automobile… with the help of Mr. Kawasaki… and a mule (that makes sense if you can read the yellow text on the side of the vehicle).

At least it's a good shot of some of the merry men: In the passenger seat is Scott Grimes as Will Scarlet and behind him is Kevin Durand as Little John.

In all seriousness, I expect the film will be good. It features an awesome cast and from what we’ve seen of the set photos so far, the characters look great. I also dig the idea of having Robin Hood be a more warrior-like character in this adaptation – let’s hope the story lives up to those involved.

Check out Just Jared for several more photos.

What do you think of the images and are you excited for this movie?

Robin Hood hits theaters one week after Iron Man 2 on May 14, 2010.

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