'House' Producers Developing Navy Drama for Fox

Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner - executive producers who also wrote 18 episodes of the series House M.D. - are working together again on a workplace drama that takes place on a naval aircraft carrier. However, the series seems to be different than other series set in this branch of the armed forces (like NCIS or Jag), as it doesn't seem to combine the procedural element that each of those shows contained.

Plot details are pretty scarce on this new series, but it will have quite the young cast with 18-20 year olds risking their lives on the job everyday. The one specific plot element we seem to have is that of a female fighter pilot who attempts to solve a murder that happens on board the carrier, but it's not clear if that's an arc that will last throughout the series. The project - which comes as part of a two-year overall deal that Fox has with Friend and Lerner - is currently untitled, but it already has a script commitment with a penalty if it doesn't move forward.

Of course, the question is whether or not a show like this can sustain itself without a procedural formula like House M.D. Since that show also mixed compelling character arcs with the medical mystery set-up, perhaps that can be applied here, too. Even though House M.D. took a bit of a dive towards the conclusion of the series, the drop in quality was not due to Friend and Lerner's work - a fact that can also be evidenced by their work on Boston Public and Roswell.

House Season 9
Can the 'House' approach work for the Navy?

Personally, I'm hoping the murder mystery is not a large part of the series, because it feels a little too close to a crime procedural, or maybe something like having The Killing (which was recently canceled) on an aircraft carrier. Frankly, I'm hoping for something more akin to Boston Public, with a focus on the characters rather than an ongoing serial story for a whole season. Since no series has yet delved into the inner-workings of the Navy as a branch of the armed forces, it'd be more interesting to have a straight-up workplace drama that just happens to take place on an aircraft carrier.

We'll keep our eye on this show as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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