'Rush' Trailer: Ron Howard's True Tale of Legendary Formula 1 Rivals


In 1976, legendary Formula 1 racer Niki Lauda came face-to-face with death when his vehicle burst into flames after a collision. Despite suffering hellish burns (including the loss of his eyelids), Lauda chose to return to the racing circuit just six weeks later to compete with his English rival, James Hunt. This startling true story forms the backbone of director Ron Howard's newest film, Rush.

Ron Howard directs Rush from a screenplay by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon). The movie stars Daniel Brühl (Inglourious Basterds) as Lauda and Chris Hemsworth (Thor: The Dark World) as Hunt. The supporting cast includes Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) and Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy).


Rush has flown under the radar, delivering a visually exciting first preview seemingly out of nowhere. The biopic looks as if it's going to be handsomely shot, with plenty of clever editing and camerawork to capture the fast pace of Formula 1 racing.

Historical drama is a well that Howard has returned to throughout his career. From Apollo 13 to Cinderella Man, the director has shown a deft hand at wringing drama and excitement from based-on-a-true-story source material. That said, Howard has also been accused of distorting, excising, or straight-up inventing facts that contradict the actual events he purports to be portraying (i.e. – changing Max Baer into a thuggish psychopath in Cinderella Man to make him more of a typical movie villain). It will be interesting to see what – if anything – Howard changes this time around to smooth Rush's story into a more filmable form.


Rush will race into theaters on September 20th, 2013.

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