Rush Hour TV Series Trailer Fails To Launch

Fans of the Brett Ratner directed action-comedy Rush Hour trilogy no doubt remember the films for their aestheticized blend of highly choreographed martial artistry and low-brow bonhomie, as delivered by veteran stuntman/martial arts specialist Jackie Chan and stand-up comedian Chris Tucker. More importantly, a few of those fans might have been intrigued by recent developments surrounding a TV series reboot of the franchise on CBS, with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence set to serve as show-runner.

Further news surrounding the pilot episode of the series set to be directed by Jon Turteltaub, of National Treasure fame, has been less than forthcoming of late. However, the series appears to be in shaky shape following the latest news surrounding the show's forthcoming premiere this March.

After releasing the first official trailer, as seen above, on the program's official YouTube channel, it would appear as though CBS briefly took down their first look at the show. Such a move on behalf of the TV network can likely be seen as an attempt to stem any negative backlash against the content contained within the initial batch of footage - and by the look of it, there's plenty of recycled material from the first Rush Hour film for viewers to gripe about.

See the error message that occurred earlier this morning (at the time of writing this), below:

Rush Hour TV Series CBS

Starring Justin Hires, of 21 Jump Street, as Tucker's Carter character, and Jon Foo, who previously served as a stuntman on Olympus Has Fallen, replacing Chan as Detective Lee, the new Rush Hour CBS series feels tired and more than a little stale in terms of both individual performance and technical execution. Overall, the series just doesn't appear to offer any novel way into the original feature film franchise, though perhaps the series is still in various stages of post-production - and more is yet to come that didn't already occur in the original Brett Ratner film of 1998.

Whether or not the pilot episode will be met with fan approval or overwhelming bad press remains to be seen, though the decision on behalf of CBS to initially retract the first trailer for the new show is troubling to say the least. Either way, viewers can expect to catch another iteration of the Rush Hour franchise on the small screen in March 2016.

Rush Hour premieres Thursday, March 31st, 2016 on CBS.

Source: CBS

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