The road to CBS’ adaptation of Rush Hour has been paved in rather unusual silence as of late; and when last we heard about it, all we knew was Scrubs’ Bill Lawrence had some ideas brewing, should the eventual pilot pick-up occur. Now, however, it seems he’ll get to execute those ideas after all – at least to a point.

Among the pilot orders that reportedly came down last night were new projects from My Name is Earl’s Greg Garcia and Modern Family’s Bill Wrubel. More relevant here, though, was the confirmation that Lawrence’s Rush Hour will be going to pilot.

The Wrap reports that (in addition to Lawrence) the Rush Hour pilot script will also be written by Mad Men producer Blake McCormick, with Brett Ratner, Jeff Ingold and Arthur Sarkissian also set to serve as producers on the series. At this time, no director or actors have been named for the project.

What this pilot reminds us of is the not too long ago trashed TV adaptation of Beverly Hill Cop. Executive produced and co-starring Eddie Murphy as an aged version of his famous Axel Foley (working alongside his son, Aaron), the show was written by The Shield’s Shawn Ryan and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. However, despite a high amount of buzz and top talent in front of and behind the camera, the series ultimately didn’t make it past the pilot stage.

rush hour tv show cbs Rush Hour TV Series Pilot Ordered by CBS

It was starting to seem like CBS may have given up on the idea of a Rush Hour show when network pilots started coming in for greenlight. Much of development season was jam packed with a variety of IPs receiving script orders, thus painting a picture of a pilot season that was going to be filled with nothing but adaptations. However, after the success of Empire over the last few weeks, it seems the networks have dropped the idea of adaptations in mass over fostering original ideas.

As such, there was definitely a scenario in which a Rush Hour wouldn’t have even made it this far – and even now, there’s no guarantee it won’t go the way of the Beverly Hills Cop TV show. That said, Lawrence is a proven writer we know is capable of really great television, and it’s interesting to see him venturing into the action realm – which he’s claimed to be a fan of – so this is one project worth keeping an eye on.

Stay tuned for more news on Rush Hour as it develops.

Source: The Wrap

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