Rush Hour 4 Is Close To Coming Together, Says Chris Tucker

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

Chris Tucker claims Rush Hour 4 is close to finally coming together. A movie about mismatched partners wasn’t exactly new territory in 1998, but Rush Hour’s secret weapon was the surprisingly amazing chemistry between Jackie Chan and Tucker. While Chan was an acclaimed action star prior to Rush Hour, he’d never made a movie that broke through with American audiences. Rush Hour made use of his talents as an action star while Tucker’s non-stop chatter provided a lot of the laughs.

The modestly budgeted action-comedy became the surprise smash hit of 1998, so both Chan and Tucker got a big pay increase for Rush Hour 2. The film was an even bigger hit, though the reviews were more mixed, and it essentially repeated the formula of the original. Chan and Tucker last reunited for Rush Hour 3 in 2007, but the belated threequel’s inflated budget meant that despite reaching a respectable box office gross, it was still considered a financial disappointment. The film performed very well on DVD and Blu-ray sales, however. A short-lived Rush Hour TV series arrived in 2016, but the recast leads proved the premise doesn’t quite work without Chan and Tucker.

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Chan previously announced in 2017 that Rush Hour 4 was being developed, but the project has been more or less quiet since then. Now in a new conversation on the Winging It podcast Chris Tucker has offered an update on the sequel’s progress, and sounds hopeful it will all come together.

We're working on a few things on the script right now, so we're trying to get into production. But we're working on it and trying to get it going. Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, [the] studio wants to do it, so we're trying to get it together. I guess, Jackie and me, but yeah, I was definitely down as long as it comes together right. And it looks like it's coming together right.

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan Rush Hour

It seems like time is being taken to develop the script for Rush Hour 4, which is an encouraging sign. Rush Hour 3 was a letdown for the fans of the series, with both the comedy and the action scenes feeling lukewarm. Neither Tucker nor Chan looked particularly excited about being part of the project either. If Rush Hour 4 does come together, it will be on the heels of another famous buddy cop revival Bad Boys For Life. The last few years have seen a renewed interest in that subgenre, with Lethal Weapon on TV and big screen efforts like The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Despite being the franchise that broke him through to American audiences, Chan has also confessed he doesn’t particularly like the Rush Hour movies. He feels the action scenes are underwhelming compared to much of his other work and he doesn’t understand the humor. That said, he knows they have a big fanbase too, so he commits to them once filming begins. He looked a little bored in the third movie, so hopefully Rush Hour 4 - if and when it happens - will recharge his batteries a little.

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Source: Winging It (via LADbible)

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