Currently Greg Garcia has his My Name is Earl follow-up Raising Hope sitting comfortably at Fox (while Ben & Kate is pretty much doomed). But the series creator is getting ready to take a new project to CBS in the form of Super Clyde, and a Harry Potter alum will join him.

Rupert Grint, better known to the world as Ron Weasley, will star in the comedy pilot for the hopeful new series about a meek, unassuming fast-food worker who decides to become a superhero. It sounds like we should expect Kick-Ass, but without the high amounts of blood and profanity.

THR reports Grint is playing the titular neurotic social outcast who goes from essentially being an agoraphobic with intrusive anxiety to a real-life superhero. The comic book reading Clyde gets surprising news when inheritance from a long-dead strange uncle shows up and inspires his heroics. With $100,000 a month, he can easily turn himself into a teenage Batman.

Garcia is writing and executive producing the series and Mike Fresco, who directed episodes of Garcia’s aforementioned comedy series, will direct the pilot. Considering the most recent hit series Garcia and Fresco have worked on together (coupled with current superhero mania), this seems like a no-brainer for success at CBS.

rupertgrint easytarget gunpoint Rupert Grint Starring in Superhero Comedy Pilot Super Clyde for CBS

Before you start thinking this is a step down for Grint from his fame in the Harry Potter franchise, plenty of actors are flocking to TV with the plethora of shows that keep coming every season. When it comes to sitcoms, the time commitment for actors is small compared to other series, and the pay is great. And not every actor gets to lead their own series. But will he keep his native British accent?

Grint also has plenty of film roles coming up in movies like The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Into the White, CBGB and Cross Country, so it’s not as if he’s having trouble finding work. My only reservation is that this series has set up camp at CBS, and with the exception of How I Met Your Mother, their comedy doesn’t really appeal to me personally (though some will certainly disagree). But if they ditch the live audience, multi-cam aesthetic, and don’t cheaply pander to nerds and geeks as The Big Bang Theory continues to do, then this could be something good.

After all, comic book culture isn’t going anywhere, and plenty of fans would love to see Ron Weasley become a superhero. Super Clyde will also have comic book company on TV – given that it’s set to debut around the same time as Marvel’s  S.H.I.E.L.D. series on ABC (which is also looking to premiere this fall). We’ll find out later this summer if both of those shows end up heading to TV when the upfronts take place.

Source: THR

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