RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4 Queens, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (And 10 Who Should’ve Been Cast)

Every new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race feels like a reason to celebrate. Therefore, it is only fitting that at the beginning of the holiday season, Ru announced the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4. ‘Tis the season to showcase your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent and All Stars 4 will have a lot of that and more.

There is something special, even more exciting, about the announcement of an All Stars season. While Rupaul’s Drag Race introduces fans to new faces and fresh talent, All Stars brings back those contestants who either left too early or those who are looking for redemption from their previous comments or actions. It is always fun and interesting to see queens from different seasons interact, watchinghow new friendships, and frenemies, are created.

This fourth season of All Stars brings back queens from Season 10 like Monique Heart and Monét X Change, only a few months after competing in RPDR. It will also include previous All Stars contestants like Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon. While the cast includes a collection of talented and creative queens, fans always have a good idea who will sashay away and who has what it takes to bring home the crown. Fans also have strong opinions about who deserves a second, third, even fourth shot but unfortunately didn’t make it to season 4.

Here is a list of the RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4 Queens, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (And 10 Who Should’ve Been Cast Instead).

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20 Farrah Moan

It’s hard to beat Farrah’s sobbing but even that won’t be enough to win the crown. Farrah Moan graced the Werk Room in season 9. While her makeup were always flawless, she was constantly outshone by her other competitors. Her Snatch Game performance as YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous left a lot to be desired.

Even though she lasted until episode 8, the Las Vegas queen never won a challenge and quickly became known for her whining and crying. Farrah needs a lot more than her looks to compete against seasoned queens and finalists of RPDR. That is not to say she can’t turn it around. Plenty of queens have surprised fans when they were given a second chance.

19 Raven – Should’ve Been Cast

This witty, tell-it-like-it-is queen deserves another chance, without a doubt. For some inexplicable reason, Raven keeps making it to the very end but never winning the crown. Raven first showed up in RPDR in season 2 and made it all the way to the final but lost the crown to Tyra Sanchez. Once again, in the first season of All Stars, Raven came in second.

She has proven time and time again she can turn looks, work the runway, and slay the lip syncing. She is a force to be reckoned with. While many queens don’t get more than a second shot, there are some who have been invited time and time again, either on the original show or on All Stars. It is definitely Raven’s time once again.

18 Jasmine Masters

It’s hard to tell what Jasmine Masters can bring to the competition, since she was eliminated early on in her season. While there is no doubt Jasmine was funny and optimistic, she never really got a chance to show off her skills. She never won a challenge in the three episodes she was on, which puts her lower on this list.

Ever since her elimination three years ago, Miss Masters has shown she’s got quite the funny bone in her YouTube videos and Instagram livestreams. If she can hone in her comedy skills, she will likely go far in All Stars 4.

17 Ongina – Should’ve Been Cast

Ongina captivated the first Drag Race fans in season 1. Her sweet nature and fashionable looks made her a contestant to watch. She was also the first queen to come out on the show as HIV positive. Unfortunately, Ongina sashayed away after episode 5 and has not made a return to the show so far.

Ongina had a message and a purpose and she continues to spread that message in a series on Logo called HIV and Me. A return from this Los Angeles queen would provide that substantial, eye-opening factor that has made so many turn to Drag Race in search for acceptance and inspiration. Not to mention, it is always fun seeing drag queens from earlier seasons compete with the queens of more recent seasons.

16 Gia Gunn

It is safe to say that drag queens who slay the Snatch Game challenge are remembered. It is also safe to say those who completely tank in Snatch Game are also remembered but for the wrong reasons. Gia was eliminated during the Snatch Game episode in season 6, after blandly portraying Kim Kardashian. Gia also developed a reputation of being an elitist and expressed her dislike for messy queens and manly queens.

While the La China Mas Latina singer didn’t win any challenges during her season, there is no doubt she has significantly raised her profile since her elimination. She also came out as trans woman in 2017 and has become a major advocate for trans people in the drag community.

15 Adore Delano– Should’ve Been Cast

Many fans' hearts broke into a million pieces when Adore Delano voluntarily left season 2 of All Stars. After finishing season 6 as a runner-up, Adore was a big contender. Her style matured as the season went on and her singing skills made her stand out. Surely, she would've taken All Stars 2 by storm. But her spirit quickly deflated after a harsh critique from Michelle Visage, whom Adore considered a friend. She decided then she wasn’t up for the criticism again and left in episode 2.

Maybe Adore is done with Rupaul’s Drag Race and no one could blame her. Her singing career took off and her debut album debuted at #3 in the Dance/Electronic Albums Billboard charts. However, fans still dream of the day the Libra queen will waltz into the Werk Room again.

14 Monique Heart

Monique was set up to be Season 10’s underdog. She was instantly likable with her sunny disposition and her memorable lines directed to America in general. She was also quick to deescalate some of the drama between the contestants-- and there was a lot of it in Season 10.

However, it was these qualities which landed Monique in the bottom two in episode 7. Because she was focusing on finishing her dress for the runway challenge, Monique didn’t learn the words to the song for the lip sync and ended up being sent home. Monique’s lack of focus might put her at the bottom of these contestants, even if her personality shines brighter than most. However, maybe she’s learned her lesson and will come back ready to slay for All Stars.

13 Ivy Winters– Should’ve Been Cast

The best queens are those who prove to be resourceful in their style, fashion and performances. Ivy proved she is all that and more. The Miss Congeniality of season 5 designed and made all of her runway looks and has even designed looks for celebrity drag queens, including Lady Bunny.

During her season, Ivy aced the comedy in the Lip Sync Eleganza Extravaganza challenge. She even slayed her portrayal of Lady Bunny in the ballet challenge "No Rupologies." The skilled queen also has a background in performing arts. She spent eight years performing in the circus and learned juggling and fire shows. Her eclectic skills and impeccable fashion sense should have landed her a spot in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4.

12 Valentina

"Miss Congeniality." "Fan Favorite." Potayto, potahto. Valentina has been one of the most controversial contestants in Drag Race herstory, from her surprising elimination to her two-faced comments about the other queens.

Even though Valentina had started drag only six months before entering the competition, she was able to turn looks and wow the judges every week. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as stellar when it came to the comedy and acting challenges and she sealed her fate when she asked to keep her mask on during her lip sync elimination. Fans of Drag Race will never forget that elimination as everyone quickly found out Valentina did not know the words. In the reunion episode, she was voted Miss Congeniality but the title didn’t last long as the other contestants felt she wasn’t worthy of it, renaming it as "Fan Favorite."

11 Willam – Should’ve Been Cast

Willam RuPaul Drag Race

There might not be a more controversial queen than Willam. During season 4, Willam was portrayed as the "villain" who didn’t play by the rules and always acted slightly above the other queens. She is the only queen who has ever been disqualified from Drag Race. The reasons for her disqualification change depending on the source, however it was a surprise to both fans and contestants alike.

Even though she left RPDR in an unconventional way, Willam’s career took off afterwards. She often tours and performs with Alaska and Courtney Act and she launched her musical career. She also recently appeared in Lady Gaga’s critically acclaimed film A Star is Born. Maybe she is not up for it, but bringing Willam back in All Stars 4 would have been a genius move.

10 Manila Luzon

Manila is a two-time veteran queen who competed in season 3 of Drag Race and in season 1 of All Stars. She only landed in the bottom once in her original season. Even then, she knocked it out of the park with her hilarious lip sync to "MacArthur Park". She is a wiz at over-the-top funny performances and is well known for her iconic runway looks.

There are few times were Manila didn’t meet the judges expectations. Unfortunately, this occurred in All Stars with her unoriginal stand-up comedy jokes. While Manila is great at comedy in dramatic, spontaneous ways, she proved to have problems with scripted humor. Hopefully, she will come back a third time stronger and funnier than ever.

9 April Carrión – Should’ve Been Cast

April is known as one of the most beautiful queens, in and out of drag, to ever grace RuPaul’s stage. Even Adam Lambert couldn’t contain how smitten he was with her when he appeared as a guest judge.

While she only lasted four episodes in season 6, the Puerto Rican queen immediately impressed the judges. Her creativity was poured into every look, like her April Showers look with the yellow umbrella. She also turned difficult challenges into fierce runway looks, like her Duck Dynasty chic ensemble. Drag Race fans deserve more April Carrión in their lives. There is no doubt this queen will continue to serve fish with her gag-worthy looks. She is an intimidating competitor for any Drag Race season.

8 Monét X Change

If Monét X Change is in the game, you better get your currency in check. Last season’s Miss Congeniality showed her talent and hunger for the crown consistently. Her portrayal of Maya Angelou in Snatch Game was hilarious and her lip sync performances kept everyone at the edge of their seats with her fake jump split. If any contestant has to Lip Sync for Their Lives against Monét, there’s a good chance they might not win.

Monét’s quick-wit, humor, and kindness make her an instant contender for the crown. Hopefully this time around she will bring more great looks to the runway (we will never forget the Sponge Dress) and fewer, as Ru and Michelle would call them, "pussycat" wigs.

7 Shea Couleé – Should’ve Been Cast

A drag queen with an impressive track record like Shea Couleé deserves another spot in Drag Race. Shea won a total of four main challenges in season 9, making her one of the few queens to have managed this. She made it all the way to the finale, but in the end, it was Sasha Velour’s iconic lip sync skills that got her the crown.

It would be interesting to see how far Shea Couleé would make it with a new selection of contestants. She proved herself time and time again to be a funny, stylish, and resourceful queen. Even though she declined being a contestant in All Stars 3 because it was so close to her original season, maybe it is time to bring back the Chicago queen.

6 Latrice Royale

What's not to love about Latrice? This "large and in charge" queen captivated the hearts of all fans in Drag Race season 4 and season 1 of All Stars. Like Manila, this is Latrice’s third time competing for the crown. Like Monet, she was also voted Miss Congeniality in her original season.

Latrice has an upper hand on many of the contestants in All Stars 4. She has been part of both competitions and she always excels in the acting challenges. If you don’t crack up at her jokes, you laugh because of her boisterous chuckle. Yes, Latrice always had some issues with her runway looks and makeup skills. If she has perfected them in the past six years, she could easily have her picture hung in RuPaul’s Hall of Fame.

5 Miz Cracker – Should’ve Been Cast

This quirky queen appeared to have what it takes to go all the way. Miz Cracker appeared in the latest season and immediately had some drama with contestant Aquaria. While Aquaria had issues with Miz Cracker, claiming she would imitate her outfits and signature makeup, it quickly became apparent they had very different styles of drag.

Miz Cracker had a quick wit and memorable comeback lines that separated her from the other contestants. She always found a way to incorporate silliness into her runway looks and acting challenges. Sadly, as the season went on, Cracker’s charm began to fizzle out and was replaced with doubt and over-analysis of every challenge. Since the end of Drag Race, it's been clear the New York queen has enough tricks up her sleeve to merit a second chance.

4 Naomi Smalls

As a runner up in Season 8, where the other finalists were none other than Bob the Drag Queen and Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls goes right to the top of this list. The queen started off shaky, relying too much on her perfect body and serving too many similar looks on the runway. Then, halfway through the season, Naomi brought everything she had, showing off her extensive knowledge of fashion and modelling. She won everyone’s heart with her backstory of her supportive mother, whom she draws inspiration from, and her eleven siblings. She came out of her shell and let the judges know who she was and what it meant for her to be America’s Next Drag Superstar.

It is hard to believe that Naomi’s passion for this title has dimmed. The queens will need to check their lipsticks before coming for her.

3 Victoria "Porkchop" Parker – Should’ve Been Cast

Why hasn’t Porkchop been given a second chance? She is mostly known to Drag Race fans as the first queen to ever be eliminated, all the way back in season 1. Since then, Porkchop has made brief appearances in RPDR but never as a contestant.

Drag queens learn quickly and grow as entertainers in no time at all. Just think of Shangela and how she evolved as a drag queen from season 2 to season 3. Now, imagine how great it would be to see what Porkchop has become after ten years! It would be interesting to see who Porkchop is today, as a drag queen and entertainer, not just as a quick punchline in all of RPDR’s finales.

2 Trinity "The Tuck" Taylor

One of the best things about RPDR is when queens whom you didn’t expect end up surprising you. Trinity continued to surprise every step of the way. She stepped up to the plate in challenges that didn’t seem like this pageant queen’s forte. Trinity excelled in the comedy and acting challenges. She also made a minor character of a nun shine in the "Your Pilot is on Fire" challenge.

The judges even praised her when she tried looks she hadn’t experimented with before, like the Club Kid Couture challenge. The Tuck proved to be one of the most versatile queens in season 9. In fact, she might be one of the most versatile queens in the herstory of Drag Race.

1 Kim Chi - Should’ve Been Cast

The world just needs more Kim Chi in it. It is as simple as that. Kim Chi was already well-known name before she became a contestant in season 8. Her flawless, inventive looks were all the rage on Instagram. Though Kim Chi was mostly known for her looks and not for her performances, she learned quickly as the season went on and became one of the finalists next to Bob the Drag Queen and Naomi Smalls.

What made Kim Chi a fan favorite were her vulnerabilities and quirky sense of humor out of drag. She worried about her lisp and her lack of coordination but that made her all the more endearing. We can’t help but root for Kim Chi and that is surely what will happen if they bring her back for another season.


Who's your favorite queen competing in RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4? Let us know in the comments!

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