Brie Larson to Appear on Running Wild With Bear Grylls

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Captain Marvel star Brie Larson will take on a new and potentially dangerous challenge by appearing on the outdoor survival show Running Wild With Bear Grylls. Thanks to her role in Captain Marvel, as well as her smaller but still important part in Avengers: Endgame, Larson has seen her career catapult to a new level.

Not long ago, Larson was perhaps best known for playing Abed's girlfriend Rachel in the Dan Harmon-less fourth season of NBC's Community. After an impressive lead performance in the indie film Short Term 12, which also starred future Oscar-winner Rami Malek, Larson scored her career-making role in the kidnapping drama Room, a role for which she would nab the Academy Award for Best Actress. Larson then bagged the part that would send her skyrocketing to fame - and somewhat unaccountable controversy - when she signed on to play Carol Danvers in Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. Since then, Larson has made her directorial debut with Unicorn Store, now available on Netflix, and also signed on to star opposite Michael B. Jordan in the drama Just Mercy.

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Having powered up as Captain Marvel and helped to take down Thanos in Endgame, Larson will now turn her attention to an even bigger challenge: surviving in the wilderness with Bear Grylls. As reported by Deadline, Nat Geo has picked up Running Wild With Bear Grylls for a new season, and Larson is set to be one of the show's celebrity guests. Besides Larson, Armie Hammer will also suit up and head into the wilderness with Grylls. The show is set to return on Nov. 5.

Bear Grylls in You vs. Wild Netflix'

First airing in 2014, Running Wild features former special forces soldier and survivalist Grylls venturing into the wilderness to rough it with celebrity guests in tow. In the past, Grylls has been joined on his adventures by everyone from Ben Stiller to Lena Headey to president Barack Obama. Larson will actually become the third Best Actress Oscar winner to appear on the show, joining Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. Grylls is of course also known for his survivalist show Man vs. Wild, in which he takes on physical challenges and occasionally eats disgusting things like worms and bugs for the benefit of the cameras.

It remains to be seen if Larson will have to eat any worms when she appears on Running Wild With Bear Grylls. After the madness of starring in two huge superhero movies in the same year, and the whirlwind of having to promote the two movies while coming under fire from some fans, running off to the wilderness with Grylls to sleep in a tent for a few days and live on random insects will probably feel like a vacation for the actress.

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Source: Deadline

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