‘The Runner’ Trailer & Poster: Nicolas Cage Takes On Big Oil

Nicolas Cage has made a name for himself by starring in a wide range of films since his breakout role in Raising Arizona. The actor won an Academy Award for his role in 1995's Leaving Las Vegas, and helped bring Mark Millar's comic book to life in 2010's Kick-Ass. Even his critically panned performances, such as in 2006's The Wicker Man, have earned Cage a certain place in cinematic history.

However, the last few years have seen the actor star in a string of movies that received little to no mainstream attention - Stolen, Joe and Left Behind, for instance. Now, Cage's newest role in The Runner draws from recent historical events for a story of political drama.

The first trailer for The Runner (above) introduces Cage as Louisiana Congressman Colin Price, who attempts to fight the oil lobby after he sees the harm done to his constituents by the BP oil spill. However, Price then finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal when his misdeeds are caught on camera, which affects his political agenda.

The Runner is the directorial debut of Austin Stark, who also wrote the script, and costars Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Connie Nielsen (Gladiator, The Following), Wendell Pierce (The Wire), Bryan Batt (Mad Men) and Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, Ghost Rider). The official poster for the film was also released, check it out:

The Runner Nicolas Cage Poster

In the trailer, Cage demonstrates the potential for a compelling performance, especially alongside the talent of his co-stars. Although The Runner looks to be a standard political drama, with the added cultural relevancy of the BP oil spill, it seems to be a well-acted entry to the genre.

Of course, moviegoers who enjoy Cage's more larger-than-life performances may not be as interested in The Runner. But, the role seems to indicate Cage may be breaking his streak of lesser-known flicks. Whether or not Cage delivers a much-talked-about performance remains to be seen. Either way, though, fans are sure to be granted a handful of new Cage quotes to add to their arsenal.


The Runner will premiere in U.S. theaters and On Demand August 7th, 2015.

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