Runaways Fans Won't Be 'Disappointed' In Karolina's Powers

Exclusive: Runaways star Virginia Gardner says the Marvel show will feature lots of rainbows and light from Karolina thanks to her alien powers.

Karolina Dean Runaways

Runaways won't shy away from showing off Karolina's alien powers when the series premieres on Hulu later this month. When Marvel decided to bring Runaways to the small screen rather than make it a film, the decision certainly made sense from a narrative standpoint. The long-running series has seen many characters come and go on the eponymous team, and even the initial iteration had more adventures than could fit into one movie. Of course, the smaller budget of a TV show presents a hurdle for a show with an actual dinosaur and loads of superpowers.

Based on the marketing for Runaways so far, the series won't be afraid to translate the source material. Old Lace will be a practical effect, adding a sense of realism to the velociraptor. The show's trailers, meanwhile, have shown plenty of Nico using her magical Staff of One and Karolina using her unique powers. The first teaser for Runaways revealed the human-passing alien lighting up in her signature comic book hues, and the actor bringing Karolina to life says that's just the beginning.

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During an interview with Screen Rant, Runaways star Virginia Gardner discussed the breadth of Karolina's powers on the show. While she couldn't divulge too much information, she did confirm that fans will be very happy with what makes it onto the small screen from the comics:

Karolina Dean LSD in Marvel's Runaways

"I can’t say too much about it but I will say fans won’t be disappointed in that, you know, there’s lots of rainbow and light in the future of our TV show.

In the comics, Karolina Dean is told by her parents that she needs to wear a medical bracelet because she's allergic to penicillin. In reality, it suppresses her powers of flight and solar energy absorption. Like her parents, Karolina is a member of the extraterrestrial Majesdanians. Able to give off rainbow-colored energy and fire lasers, her vast powers are tempered by her peaceful nature. Karolina's glowing light is a core part of her visualization in the comics, so it's encouraging to hear that it will be carried over into the Runaways TV series.

It does, however, appear that Karolina's bracelet is tied to the mysterious Church of Gibborim that her parents are part of. An alteration of the source material, such a move would connect her family and possibly her powers to the ancient beings that secretly run the Pride. Whether the massive creatures will appear on the show alongside Karolina's powers, however, is another matter.

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Runaways premieres November 21 on Hulu.

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