Marvel & Hulu’s Runaways TV Series Getting Broadcast Debut on Freeform

Even though it's a Hulu exclusive, Marvel's Runaways will soon makes its broadcast debut on Freeform. Runaways will become the second Marvel show on the former ABC family network alongside the newly released series Cloak & Dagger.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe raking in a ton of money with summer blockbusters, it was only a matter of time before they expanded to the small screen. Marvel's first MCU show was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2013, which debuted on ABC. Since then they've expanded to multiple media outlets including Netflix and Hulu. Although not every show was a success story, (e.g. Inhumans), some, like Daredevil, have become critically acclaimed. Runaways has gotten decent reviews even though the show focuses more on the teenager aspect rather than the superhero element. Given the tone of Runaways, it makes sense that it would land a slot on Freeform.

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CBR reports the Runaways season 1 premiere will air on Freeform on August 2. This was revealed after Freeform released its programming schedule for August which included episode 1 of Runaways. While the first episode has a release date on Freeform, it is still a mystery whether the rest of the season will be coming to broadcast television as well.

Runaways focuses on a group of teenagers with extraordinary powers who run away from home. Like many ordinary teenagers, the parents of these runaways are the enemy. Unlike ordinary parents, however, these adults are part of an evil organization known as The Pride. This brings an interesting dynamic to the show as the teenagers' parents are, in fact, their toughest enemies.

Runaways may not be the most popular superhero show to date, but it nonetheless was successful enough to get a second season. Not much is currently known about season 2, but it has been announced that filming for Runaways season 2 has begun. Even though Cloak & Dagger has not even aired its season finale, there are already talks of having a crossover with Runaways. It wouldn't be the first time superhero shows have done this and it certainly won't be the last. The entire first season of Marvel's Runaways can be found on Hulu and the season finale for Cloak & Dagger can be seen when it airs on Freeform on August 2.

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Source: CBR

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