Runaways Creator Calls TV Series 'Fantastic'

Runaways creator Brian K. Vaughn praises the Hulu television series based on his comic, calling the show a 'fantastic' effort.

Brian K. Vaughan has praised Hulu's TV adaptation of his Runaways comics, calling the series “fantastic.” Renowned writer Vaughan collaborated with artist Adrian Alphona to launch the teen-centric Runaways comic book for Marvel back in 2003. These comics were previously considered for the big screen treatment within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but those plans were shelved in 2010 when the company decided to focus all of its efforts on successfully delivering The Avengers.

But the live-action Runaways live-action project found a new home at Hulu, shifting to become a TV series with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage as its showrunners. After assembling an impressive cast including Buffy alum James Marsters, the series went into production in February 2017. Filming on Runaways season 1 wrapped in October, and the first three episodes debuted on Hulu today.

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Comic book creator Vaughan previously stated his belief that “the Runaways found the ideal ‘foster parents’ in Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage” and enthused that the “pilot [episode] looks like an Adrian Alphona comic!” And now, speaking to THR, he’s offered even more positive words about Hulu’s adaptation of his work:

“When I helped create the book, I was much closer in age to these actors playing the Runaways. Now, I’m much closer in age to their parents. It’s surreal to meet my fictional children when I’ve brought my actual children to the set, to meet my fictional kids. It couldn’t have been cooler. They’re all so nice. It feels like they’re ripped right out of the pages of the book. It’s fantastic.”

Clearly, Vaughan is impressed with what Schwartz and Savage have cooked up. It’s quite the praise for Vaughan to say that the characters in their show feel exactly like the ones he created back in the day. For fans of Vaughan and Alphona’s comic book run, this is a very exciting development indeed.

However, a few changes have been made as the Runaways story transitions from page to screen. For one thing, the evil cabal of parents known as The Pride will not have superpowers in the show, despite the fact that they did in the comics. Plus, Nico’s powers will be changing to remove the elements of self-harm from the comics. But Vaughan seems to be pleased with how the show turned out. Hopefully, his fans will be too.

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The first three episodes of Runaways are available on Hulu now.

Source: THR

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