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Runaways Season 3 Story Details

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Runaways season 2.

What can we expect to happen in Runaways season 3's story? The second season of Marvel's Runaways was an explosive, action-packed adventure that's seen the stakes increase dramatically for the young heroes. It's still loosely following the comics - as evidenced by the addition of new shapeshifting character Xavin, whose powers will surely come in useful against the growing threat of the Gibborim. But, in a smart move, the series hasn't truly chosen to end the Pride. In the comics, Brian K. Vaughan made the mistake of killing the Pride off, which meant the comic's core concept - of intergenerational conflict - began to fall apart. The Runaways show has carefully avoided making the same mistake.

The showrunners seem pretty confident Runaways will get a third season, even ending season 2 on a cliffhanger that frankly demands a resolution. Every family looks set to be affected by the change in the show's direction, and right now the Runaways are scattered and broken, apparently defeated by the resurgent Gibborim. The series appears to be lifting ideas from Marvel's popular "Secret Invasion" event, with the "Who do you trust?" question taking on a whole new degree of relevance in a season packed with shapeshifters and body-possessing aliens.

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While a third season has yet to be announced by Hulu, it's hopefully only a matter of time. What's more, given the quality of Runaways season 2, the next season is sure to be eagerly anticipated. Here's everything that can be expected for Runaways season 3.

Jonah And The Magistrates Are The Big Threat

The battle lines are being drawn - but they're not where anybody would expect them to be. Three of the Magistrates have revealed themselves, possessing Victor, Tina, and Stacey. They claim to have a simple goal; to recreate their spaceship, and return to their people. But at what cost? Jonah was always willing to play fast and loose with the truth, and when he "died" his last words were the promise that his family would "take it all." That bodes ill for the Earth.

Both the Pride and the kids are scattered at the end of Runaways season 2; Dale has abducted Gert and Old Lace, and both Chase and Karolina are prisoners. But if the Magistrates are going to be defeated, then these two groups will need to reassemble - and may even need to do the unthinkable. It may be time for the Pride and their runaway children to work together.

Who Is The Traitor In The Runaways?

There's a fourth Magistrate, though - a Prince of the Gibborim who is believed to have taken on one of the kids as his host. In the comics, Alex betrayed the Runaways and sided with the Pride. It may be the TV show equivalent is for Alex to be possessed by one of the Gibborim, and betray the kids at a crucial moment. Alternatively, of course, Marvel could choose to subvert expectations and reveal the Prince has taken a different host entirely. Only one person is likely to be able to identify the traitor: Gert. Old Lace could sense something was wrong with Stacey and Tina, and reacted with fury to the alien beings it sensed within their bodies. The dinosaur will presumably have the same reaction to this fourth host, and Gert is much more strongly linked with Old Lace now. When she eventually gets back to Los Angeles, she could potentially identify the traitor at once.

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Will Karolina And Xavin Become An Item?

Karolina Dean LSD in Marvel's Runaways

Runaways season 2 introduced viewers to a shapeshifting alien called Xavin, who revealed a prophesy of a love that would bring peace to the galaxy. This plot is lifted straight from the comics, although it's been adapted a little; in the comics Xavin is a Skrull, whereas here she belongs to an entirely difference alien race called the Xartans. As any comic book reader will know, Xavin and Karolina do indeed become an item, with Karolina ultimately accepting her destiny to fight for peace in the galaxy. Will the same happen in Runaways season 3?

Secrets Of The Staff Of One

Finally, Runaways season 3 will surely reveal some of the secrets of the Staff of One. Nico is tapping into its power to perform ever more incredible feats, but just where does that power come from? Disturbingly, it also seems to be having an influence upon her; Nico's eyes are periodically displaying the cracked patterns of Kaecilius and the Zealots from Doctor Strange, while she said the Staff of One was telling her to kill Jonah. Nico has become the team's MVP, so there's no way season 3 can avoid developing this plot.

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