Why the X-23 Version of Wolverine Needs To Join Runaways

X-23 as Wolverine

Marvel's Runaways comes to an end this week, as the teen super-team finally takes on their parents and the Pride after nine episodes of slow and careful build up. Runaways is definitely one of the best new Marvel TV shows of the year: introducing a new, diverse team, tackling some big issues and, most importantly, providing a superhero series aimed at a slightly younger audience. A team of teenagers is a welcome addition to the world of superhero TV, giving younger viewers some more relatable heroes to look up to (as much as any superpowered being can really be called 'relatable'), and a forum to explore some more realistic issues, like first loves, dates, popularity, and family tensions.

Despite this, Runaways hasn't been perfect; the first season was a little slow at times, which really allows them to build the characters fully but occasionally feels a little too plodding, especially compared to the comics. The Runaways also haven't actually run away yet, which is frustrating for many fans who want to see them live up to their comic book name. Still, Runaways has been well-received overall, and a second season has reportedly been ordered by Hulu, where the Runaways call home.

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This has us wondering, though, how could Runaways step up their game for a second season? This has the potential to become a major superhero series, but it may need a little boost to really generate the kind of hype that it deserves... and there's one way to guarantee that happens, and expand the cast just a little: have Wolverine (the X-23 version) join the Runaways in season 2.

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What's Coming In Runaways Season 2?

After the Runaways took on the Pride openly in 'Hostile', things are going to change for the second season. For one thing, they are actually going to run away. It's unlikely that they will be able to entirely take down Pride, of course, and their villainous parents are likely to remain the Runaways' big bad for another season, but we can assume that the current plan will be thwarted, for now. It's also likely that we will see a little more of the storylines in the comic, including their attempts to dodge police who believe that they are just trouble-making teenagers, not heroes dealing with an evil organization.

The other major change for season 2 will presumably be seeing the entire team really grow into their powers. The freshman season of Runaways has seen most of the team discover their powers, but most of them are still essentially total beginners when it comes to using them. Season 2 is sure to include some great scenes of the team training (and maybe we'll even be treated to a good old fashioned training-montage!), as well as of these young heroes learning to work together. However, there is plenty of room for a second season to go even further, and start to change things up and create all-new scenarios for the Runaways to deal with.

Room For Runaways To Grow

Although the first season of Runaways was praised for being very comic-accurate, a second season may work best if it starts to go a little off-book. Now that the characters have been thoroughly  introduced, we want to see them out there in the world, becoming real heroes... and discovering how the series connects to the larger MCU. As of now, it's not quite clear how Runaways fits in with the sprawling cinematic universe, and fans would love to see this explained, or at least hinted at, as the Runaways hit the road. If this is part of the same universe, introducing a character from the wider world of comics would be a perfect way to start to connect this new team with some of the larger events in this universe.

In the comics, of course, the Runaways remain quite distanced from most of the other Marvel heroes, because they are in LA, while the rest of the Marvel heroes tend to hang out in New York. There are a few crossovers, though - new members connected to Ultron, the Fantastic Four, and more, or Cloak and Dagger and the Young Avengers, who have interacted with the team in the past. Still, we'd love to see a very different character joining the Runaways in season two: Wolverine.

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