Marvel's Runaways Season 2 May Start Filming in April

Hulu and Marvel's Runaways will reportedly start filming in April, with the kids once again set to run in the streets of Los Angeles.

Production on season 2 of Runaways will reportedly begin this April, and end in September. Hulu got involved with Marvel last year to bring the beloved Runaways characters to life. The first season rolled out on the streaming service over multiple weeks starting in November. In adapting the comic to the small screen, the creators took a slow burn approach. It wasn't until the closing moments of the first season that the kids actually ran away. Thankfully, Hulu renewed the series for a second season to guarantee fans will eventually get to see the group on the run.

Details on season 2 have been hard to come by, with not even general story teases surfacing thus far. We do know that the main cast will be returning, both the kids and those that portray their evil parents. However, when fans can expect to see the next adventure remains to be seen. Before the series returns, production must first finish, and we may now know the schedule.

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Production Weekly (h/t PursueNews) reports season 2 of Runaways will begin filming in late April. Production will once again take place in Los Angeles, and they'll continue to operate under the Rugrats working title. With this start, Runaways is expected to finish filming in September.

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This would be a much tighter production window than what Runaways experienced leading up to its debut. The pilot was filmed last March, but then production took a break while the show waited to discover its fate. Once it was given the full series order by Hulu, filming picked up a few months later before wrapping in late October. It was just a month later that the first three episodes launched. If Hulu follows a similar release window in terms of when production wraps, that could put Runaways season 2 out in October.

Season 2 will be 13 episodes long, which gives it three more episodes than the first season, so that could be another factor behind Runaways possibly being released a few weeks earlier this time around. That is merely speculation at this point, and who knows if Hulu will do multiple episodes a week instead. What this filming schedule ultimately tells us is that it shouldn't be long before additional cast members join. Even if they don't add a major character like Victor Mancha in season 2, there's still plenty of story to tell with the actual Runaways. Will one of them be a mole? Could Gert experience a similar comic arc? What will the parents do next? Season 2 has multiple storylines to follow and possibly adapt, so the sooner they start filming the better.

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Runaways season 1 is currently streaming on Hulu, with season 2 expected to arrive in 2018.

Source: Production Weekly [via PursueNews]

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