Runaways Posters Feature the Fistigons, Dinosaurs & More

New character posters for Runaways tease the unique abilities of Marvel's new super team. Marvel is expanding their reach in many ways and Runaways will mark their first venture on Hulu. Marvel's presence on TV has largely come from ABC and Netflix, but they're set to double dip in the streaming world (prior to Disney launching their own service, featuring a brand new Marvel series) this month with the launch of Runaways.

Based on the beloved first run of Runaways comic books by Brian K. Vaughn, Runaways will follow six teenagers as they discover their parents are actual super villains and that each of them are uniquely qualified to stop their evil moms and dads. Each of the teens have a special ability that will help them on their journey, and said "powers" are spotlighted in new character posters.

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Marvel has debuted teaser posters for Runaways that focus on the special skills of each team member. Fans of the source material or those who've been paying attention to the show's marketing thus far should be able to identify which poster is for which character, pretty quickly.

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These posters are different than most superhero TV show posters, in the sense that they focus more on character's super-powers than the actors bringing them to life on the series. For example, Gert Yorkes' poster has her hand slightly open with a raptor-like tail winding down her arm, indicating her ability to control the team's dinosaur Old Lace. Nico Minoru's poster has her wielding the Staff of One, while Chase Stein's shows his Fistigons are ready for a fight. Karolina Dean's luminescent look is teased here too, while Molly Hernandez's super strength is on display as she cracks the pavement beneath her. Alex Wilder's poster, meanwhile, simply shows him carrying around a photo of the Runaways, possibly alluding to his wild story from the comics.

These stylish new posters are arriving on the heels of the release of a new Runaways banner, with the show's cast continuing to do their own part to promote the series through interviews. Early word on Runaways is very promising and has only increased interest in the series, ahead of the first three episodes being made available for viewing by Hulu. This character-heavy Marvel series seems poised for a successful launch, all things considered.

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Runaways premieres Tuesday, November 21 on Hulu.

Source: Marvel/Hulu

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