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Runaways Season 3 Story

The season 2 finale of Runaways came with some major unanswered questions, but none are as large as the identity of the final Gibborim host. This reveal is set up to be a big storyline for a potential season 3, which has yet to be announced. While we wait for such an announcement, we already have a theory as for who could be at the center of this great mystery.

The entirety of season 1 and the first half of season 2 of Runaways focuses on the dig site the Pride had been working on. It was eventually revealed by Jonah (Julian McMahon) that his crashed spaceship is at the center of the giant hole, but that is not all. He tells his daughter, Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner), that the rest of their family is trapped inside the ship. When Jonah attempts to get the ship out of the ground and leave Earth, the kids and parents combine forces to stop him - with the parents blowing up his ship and Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano) stabbing Jonah through the chest with the Staff of One.

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This was believed to be the end of their story until some characters on the show began to have strange mood swings, loss of memory, and even changes to their physical appearance. The finale confirmed that this was the result of them being transformed into something - or rather someone - else. Before we get into who the final host could be, let's first recap everything we know about the Gibborim and the host bodies that have already been revealed.

The Gibborim Hosts Explained

Jonah is the leader of the family of Gibborim, who are an exiled alien Royal Family, and his actual title is that of Magistrate. He was able to escape from the ship before it crashed, but the other three members of his family could not. They were then stuck in the ship deep below the surface of the Earth for decades and were close to leaving the planet behind before their ship was destroyed. It was assumed that the explosion also killed the remaining Gibborim on the ship.

However, the three other members of the Royal Family escaped, along with another alien stowaway known as Xavin. The explosion simply destroyed the ship, while the Gibborim reverted to their non-human state of light and were forced to find new host bodies to conceal their true identities. The same was true for the Magistrate. Instead of dying as a result of Nico's action, he too left his human host body behind and also quickly found another body to take control of

The finale ends with confirmation on three of the Gibborim host bodies, all of whom were shown to be unlike their normal selves in earlier episodes. Victor Stein was revealed to be the new host body for the Magistrate, something many saw coming due to the white, flakey skin he began to have. Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh) and Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi) were also confirmed to be host bodies for two other members of the Magistrate's family. Although not confirmed, the Gibborim who is using Stacey as a host appears to be the wife of the Magistrate and mother of the two remaining hosts. The Gibborim using Tina is one of their children - but the identity of her brother, the final member of the family, is not revealed.

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