Runaways Cast Describe Character Dynamics With Parents

Screen Rant interviews the cast of Hulu's Runaways at New York Comic-Con about filming the series and the various character dynamics.

In the first Marvel show coming to Hulu, The Runaways, the story revolves around a group of teens who find out that their parents work for an evil organization called “The Pride”. At New York Comic-Con Screen Rant got the chance to talk to the teens and discuss the relationships they have with their parents and each other.

SR: Your dad is Victor and it seems like victor wants what's best for his son in the weirdest way, Does he look at his son as equal or competition?

Gregg Sulkin: I don't think victor looks at anyone as equal, I think he loves himself. In a way when it comes to engineering rightly so he is one of the smartest men in the world. But Chase and Victor’s relationship is interesting and throughout the first season, you are going to realize there is more than meets the eye. And chase in a very tough situation and I hope I can bring to light some issues that need to be addressed in the society that isn't addressed and kind of swept under the rug. So I hope that's kind of my purpose on this show.

SR: How does Nico view her relationship with her parents?

Lyrica Okano: She does not have a great relationship with her parents. There's been some trouble in the past with the Minorus and that carried onto where the season starts. And on top of that finding out the pride, our parents are up to something that's not so good is not so great either.

SR: So the one thing I love about this series is that we are diving deeper of the history of the parents tell me about Gert relationship with her parents?

Ariela Barer: Gert’s relationship with her parents is a very interesting one. I think this one is funny because I think her parents are the least immediately menacing. They are kind of the more fun goofy ones and while Gert isn't particularly close with them. There so many similarities and she does get a lot of her ideas from them so to kind of address herself as a product of that is something very terrifying and to feel this imminent threat around her is something she found so much safety and comfort before is very dynamic to play with.

Ariela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Rhenzy Feliz, Gregg Sulkin, Virginia Gardner, Allegra Acosta Marvel's Runaways

SR: First question I have for you. What is different from the comics is that your parents are dead. Can you talk to me how we might dive deeper into that in possible flashbacks or anything?

Allegra Acosta: Yes in the first two episodes is the continuation of the first episode so you just see Molly in her action you don't know more about her. She's just in the room chilling and pushing stuff but in the next couple episodes, you see her story and her arc. You will see some flashbacks and you definitely know more about her parents.

SR: First of all with Karolina’s character the one thing I love about this show is that we are diving deeper into the parent's backstories a little bit and we are seeing more than the comics. What is Karolina’s relationship with her parents?

Virginia Gardner: When you first meet Karolina shes thinks her mom is the most incredible woman on the face of the earth. She's not too close with her dad, her dad is a busy actor and then throughout the course of this season she realizes her parents are up to no good and the church she is the face of what she thought was this beautiful great thing is actually evil. Her relationship shifts towards the end of this season she starts to trust her dad a little bit more than her mom.

SR: Can you tell me about the relationship between your character Nico and Karolina?

Lyrica: That's also a spoiler you won't be disappointed Nico and Karolina care for each other deeply. You won't be disappointed.

Brigid Brannagh Kevin Weisman James Marsters Ryan Sands Ever Carradine Angel Parker Annie Wersching James Yaegashi Brittany Ishibashi Marvel's Runaways

SR: Can you give me a little insight into the relationship Karolina has with Nico?

Virginia Gardner: Karolina definitely feels a lot of things for Nico. I think she has a little bit of uh.. She really feels a lot of things for Nico and it definitely develops over the course of the season.

SR: Another thing too, is you have this new sister relationship that isn't really there in the comics tell us more about that.

Allegra Acosta: I'm in love with Ariela. I enjoy her presence and I enjoy working with her a lot. I feel like our chemistry is there. Since the first day of the camera test she really took me in as her sister. And the funny thing is that I'm an older sister in real life and she's a younger sister in real life. So the role reversal is real. And it taught us to learn more about ourselves and more about each other and she teaches me every day and hopefully, i teach her every day. It's very enjoyable to work with her and Old Lace.

SR: How is it working with a practical dinosaur on set?

Allegra Acosta: I have to give it up to these guys and females who created her. She is like an 85 pounder puppet and that is only half of her body because Old Lace is a very iconic and detailed character she's like a dog, crocodile and a bird so you see everything with her iconic nose ring and the first time I ever got to work with Old Lace was amazing it was in the pilot and the way they make her move her eyes and her nose you see the pure innocence with her. You will fall in love with her, She's just an incredible actress Miss Old Lace and it's insane.

SR: One thing that is a little different than the comics is that you have this sisterhood type thing with molly can you talk to me more about that?

Ariela Barer: I mean it's so easy with Allegra she is the best. It was an instant connection I remember the first day we got lost on the lot it was just us walking around talking on the first day. It was immediately a sister relationship but it was funny. I have an older sister in real life so when I first met her in real life so I have to be the responsible one now. I am going to teach her good things it switched, unfortunately, she's the bigger sister.

Ariela Barer, Allegra Acosta, Lyrica Okano, Rhenzy Feliz, Gregg Sulkin, Virginia Gardner Marvel's Runaways

SR: One thing I love about this show is it has a lot of strong female characters and tons of diversity. If you weren't your character which character would most relate with?

Virginia Gardner: I think I relate with all of them for different reasons. I think Gert is a really strong powerful feminist. Allegra has super strength and she's incredibly strong and intelligent. And Alex is super intelligent. And I think people find different reasons to relate to everybody.

SR: One thing that I love about the series is the diversity and strong women in this show. Talk to me about how important that is.

Ariela Barer: It's obviously important because of the lack of diversity in most things anyway. It's truly important on a deeper level to humanize people in all these different types it is an exercise in empathy to viewers all around. But it’s a self-esteem thing who can see this and relate to someone who typically couldn't. It’s very personal and also you can personalize it with people who would not really relate to these characters or someone you would at first glance would have a lot of differences with, when you humanize them in this real way on screen to like a mass public more people can open up and in life see a person like that and not feel so different and estranged.

SR: First question is when we first talked in LA you had mentioned that there could be possible guest stars this season on Inhumans. Is it somebody in the MCU or is it a new character we will be introduced to?

Lyrica Okano: Um.. youll have to see for yourself. You almost got me there I was gonna tell you.

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Runaways is now streaming on Hulu.

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