Runaways Gert Actress Wants Character To Die On Show

Ariela Barer, the actress who plays Gert in Marvel's Runaways, has revealed which comic book arc she'd like to see recreated in the TV series. Incredibly, it's her character's death.

The first series of Marvel's Runaways was a tremendous success, and has been renewed for a second season. Airing on Hulu, the series won fans over in large part because of the quality of the show's actors. Ariela Barer was a real highlight, and the dynamic between Barer's Gert and Gregg Sulkin's Chase was tremendous. The two shared an entertaining 'will-they-won't-they' relationship. In the last two episodes, they finally hit it off, but neither seem sure how to progress things.

For her part, Barer has revealed that she wants to see one major comic book plot in the show's future. Asked by a fan what arc she'd like to see, Barer took to Tumblr:

"Gert dying as long as I can come back to life like she does in the comics. That plot line is so beautiful and an amazing exploration of Gert and Chase’s relationship."

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In the comics, the romance between Gert and Chase ended in tragedy. Chase shared a foolish, ill-advised kiss with Nico, and he and Gert broke up. The argument allowed Geoffrey Wilder to kidnap Molly, and the Runaways launched a desperate rescue attempt. Chase ran into the burning Griffith Observatory in an attempt to save his friends, but they'd already escaped. He wound up confronting Wilder himself, and was only saved when Gert and Old Lace joined the battle. Wilder threw a knife into Gert's chest, and she died in Chase's arms.

That was back in 2006, but the latest Runaways series has revisited it. Chase has used time-travel to pick Gert up at the moment of her death, and brought his dying love to Nico. Against all the odds, Nico was able to use the Staff of One to bring Gert back.

Comic book fans are sure to be thrilled at Barer's suggestion. She's definitely demonstrating a familiarity with the original comics. In fact, Barer is clearly aware of what's happening to her character in the comics right now; the latest Runaways series only kicked off in September last year. The comics haven't even begun to explore the consequences of Gert's resurrection yet.

If Runaways does adapt this plot for the small screen, it will have to be very different. The show has adapted the Pride significantly; they're no longer simply a bunch of super-villains. Instead, the second season looks to feature the Pride in open conflict with their founder, Jonah. It's unlikely Geoffrey Wilder would actually kill one of the kids; but perhaps Jonah could do the deed instead. Hopefully the character won't stay dead for a decade's worth of TV shows, though.

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Source: Tumblr

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