Runaways Star Wants Crossover With Cloak & Dagger or Agents of SHIELD

Ryan Sands, who plays the villainous Geoffrey Wilder in Marvel's Runaways, has added his voice to calls for a crossover with one of the other MCU TV shows. Although the first season of Runaways stood almost entirely separate from the rest of the MCU, season 2 contained a large number of subtle Easter eggs that rooted it in the shared universe - including a throwaway reference to the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

Fans have long speculated that Runaways could cross over with Marvel's other young-adult series, Cloak & Dagger. That's largely because Cloak and Dagger have regularly appeared in the Runaways comics, even attempting to bring the kids in on occasion. What's more, the MCU versions are at a similar age, and the shows are marketed at the same demographic group. The success of DCTV's various Arrowverse crossovers has led Marvel lovers to wonder if something similar could work here.

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Ryan Sands, a.k.a. Runaways' Geoffrey Wilder, has voiced his own thoughts in an AMA on Reddit. Asked about potential crossovers, he agreed that he'd definitely be in favor of them. "I think Cloak and Dagger is a perfect fit," he observed, "but I'd love to see us cross over with Agents of SHIELD, too." It's an interesting comment, suggesting the stars are well aware that Runaways is now positioning itself as a definite part of the shared universe.

Runaways season 2 could well have started to lay the foundations for this kind of crossover. A hotel exterior contained a banner advertising Roxxon, an energy company in the MCU that's well known for its unethical behavior. In fact, Roxxon personnel were the main villains of Cloak & Dagger season 1. Meanwhile, it's becoming clear that Nico's Staff of One draws its power from another dimension of reality - possibly even the Dark Dimension from Doctor Strange. Given the extradimensional nature of Cloak's powers, he may be perfectly suited to help Nico deal with the Staff of One's influence.

The idea of an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover is a little more left-field, but S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a strong presence in Los Angeles in the past. In fact, a large portion of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 was set in Los Angeles; Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider operates around LA. The MCU's Ghost Rider was drawn to supernatural events, and he'd no doubt be unable to resist the siren call of the Staff of One - which could easily lead to another crossover.

In truth, though, this would be more of a cameo than a crossover. It's unlikely that multiple Marvel TV series will ever be coming out at the same time, meaning an "Elseworlds"-esque event is probably not going to happen. Instead, it's far more probable that a couple of Runaways episodes could feature high-profile cameos from Aubrey Joseph's Cloak and Olivia Holt's Dagger, from Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider or Chloe Bennet's Quake.

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