Runaways Behind-The-Scenes Photo Offers Closer Look at Old Lace

Marvel's Runaways is only three episodes in, but fans of the original comic book series can already start getting new viewers excited for one of the most iconic characters thanks to a new behind-the-scenes photo of Old Lace, companion to Gertrude Yorkes, one of the main protagonists. The comic and series focus on a group of six teenagers who battle their super-villain parents with weapons ranging from magic to scientific devices and creations.

One of the most highly anticipated scientific creations is Old Lace, the dinosaur companion of Gertrude Yorkes. Played by Ariela Barer in the television show, Gertrude has genetically programmed the dinosaur to listen to her commands. In the comics, Old Lace is a fan favorite character beloved by readers and fellow heroes alike.

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With the Runaways television show garnering rave reviews from both critics and fans, many have been anticipating the full reveal of Old Lace. Thanks to Barer, fans now have a new look at Gertrude's dinosaur companion. The creature - part puppetry and part visual effects, from the same team who works on Agents of SHIELD - can be seen with her head bowed next to Barer in this new photo from the actress in a tweet encouraging fans to watch the show.

The combination of practical effects and visual effects is a smart path for Runaways to take. In the Runaways comics, Old Lace and Gertrude have a very loving, tender relationship, much like what a person would have with a cat or a dog. Thanks to puppetry and visual effects from the same visual effects group that brought Agents of SHIELD's Ghost Rider to life, Old Lace should be a vivid character fully able to interact with every actor on screen just like she did with the characters in the comic books.

Fans of the comic books know that Gertrude and Old Lace have a very special relationship that ultimately translates to other characters on the show. The dinosaur is more than just a pet or a clever and creative weapon, she functions as part team mascot, part supportive creature, and part reminder of the bond they all share.

Gertrude's psychic connection with Old Lace is a reminder of the connection between the teenage heroes in training, and thanks to a clever and creative writing staff as well as some talented special effects artists and actors, fans will be able to see both that bond and the beloved character realized on screen at long last.

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Runaways season 1 streams new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu.

Source: Ariela Barer

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