Runaways Season 1 Filming This Month; Star Talks Updated Characters

One of the stars of Marvel's Runaways has an update on the series' beleaguered production schedule, and some reassurances for fans on the updated characters. For years now there have been rumors that Marvel was working on a film or television show involving the hit book Runaways. There were even rumors that Joss Whedon would tackle such a project, given his outspoken love for the property. Last year, however, it was finally announced that the team would be joining Marvel's TV family.

In an intriguing move, Hulu was announced as the show's network, proving Marvel were more than willing to work with multiple streaming outlets to give life to their characters. Back in February, the pilot was shot along with the first episode of Cloak & Dagger, but since then things have been quiet. Cloak & Dagger wrapped filming, but word broke yesterday that it was putting in some more work—possibly for a second season. Runaways, meanwhile, seemed to be stalled by the writer's strike. Luckily, that all seems to be in the past.

Pop Culturalist was on hand at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia last weekend and were able to hear Gregg Sulkin talk about his work. Among his project's is Marvel and Hulu's Runaways, where Sulkin will play Chase Stein. During his talk, Sulkin said that within the next three weeks the rest of the season would continue filming. Given that we've heard the show will arrive by this coming winter, that would give the show plenty of time to get the whole series in the can and start work on post-production.

Sulkin went on to talk about his call inviting him into the Marvel family and how he accepted the role on faith, as not even a script was ready. He then went on to discuss how some updates will be made to his character, but he assured fans Chase would be true to the hero they love. In the books, Chase can be a bit of a cocky airhead, but Sulkin said the new version would be much more lovable.

Whatever changes have been made, all involved seem happy. Hulu ordered the show to series, and the team's co-creator Brian K. Vaughn has already heaped praise on the adaptation and cast. Along with Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors, the series will allow Marvel to tap into a younger audience and build out a teen-centric superhero universe within the MCU.

With the season filming later this month, we'll likely get more news and plenty of set photos. There's even a chance that we'll finally see the proper trailer for the series. Cloak & Dagger already revealed their trailer, but we've only caught a bootleg glimpse of a teaser for Runaways so far. Hopefully, that will all change soon.

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Runaways premieres on Hulu this winter.

Source: Pop Culturalist

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