Rumored and Confirmed Characters For Shazam!

Shazam!which unfortunately has nothing to do with the 90's epic genie masterpiece Kazaam (sorry Shaq fans), comes out in just a few weeks. For the longest time, it seemed like an impossibility for an upbeat character like Shazam to fit into the darker tone the DC films had once been striving for so ardently. However, sometimes miracles do in fact happen. Maybe it'll even miraculously stop raining out here in Los Angeles so that some of us can quit living off Postmates and actually wheel up to the McDonald's drive-thru in person. Digression aside, since Shazam! is a new comic book film, that means there's a slew of characters both rumored and confirmed for the film. Fans will have their official confirmation for such information soon enough, but for now, check out this list to see which characters maybe or will definitely be in Shazam! 

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Zachary Levi crash-lands as Shazam
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9 Shazam/Billy Batson - Confirmed

Zachary Levi crash-lands as Shazam

Here's an incredible scoop that you will only find here on Screen Rant. Shazam is confirmed to appear in Shazam! However, one thing that might come across as actual news to people outside of the comic book community is that this iteration of Shazam, A.K.A. Billy Batson, is based off DC's New 52 run. What that means is that Billy is a fifteen-year-old foster child with a serious attitude problem. Billy meets The Wizard of the Rock of Eternity - that's a mouthful - and receives the power to turn into an ultra-powerful adult man named Shazam. We assume the film shows Billy becoming a better person by using his new found strength to beat criminals within an inch of their life while decimating an entire metropolitan city in the process.

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8 Darla Dudley (Adult Version) - Rumored

Let's get this out of the way up front. The kid versions of the Marvel Family (also known as the Shazam Family to cool people and the New 52 comics) are confirmed to be in the movie. However, the adult versions of the characters have only been rumored to make appearances. What this means is that the Shazam Family are a group of characters that appear in the comic books as Billy's super-powered foster friends. A recently released photo of Shazam Family Funko Pops stokes the rumor that they will be in the film. One can also visit their local Hot Topic and literally see these toys sitting on the shelf. Whatever happened to the days when Hot Topic was in the business of selling Disturbed sweatbands instead of spoiling movies? Anyway, the youngest Shazam Family member is Darla Dudley. The girl acts as Billy's surrogate little sister and gains the power to run really fast.

7 The Wizard of the Rock of Eternity - Confirmed

Shazam Wizard Brighter

With a name as long as The Wizard of the Rock of Eternity, rumor has it that Warner Bros. tried playing with alternate titles for the character. Rock of the Wizard of Eternity, Eternity of the Wizard of Rock, and Dwayne "The Rock Of Eternity" Johnson to name a few. Obviously, none of this is true and we kindly ask to bear with us. What's true is that the movie is simply calling the character The Wizard and he's being played by the wonderful Djimon Hounsou. First appearing in Whiz Comics #2, the character becomes Billy's mentor and the source of the boy's powers.

Prior to meeting Billy, The Wizard has spent many years protecting the world by battling bad guys. Currently feeling too old to fight against his foes, The Wizard views Billy as his worthy successor.

6 Eugene Choi (Adult Version) - Rumored

There are a lot of people in the Shazam Family that likes to punch crap, so it only makes sense that there's at least one member that has more brainy powers. Enter Eugene Choi. The kid is always the smartest in his class and sometimes he's intellectually superior to his teachers. Eugene eventually gains the power to foresee the future and hypnotize his enemies.

The biggest reason why the rumor might be true that adult Eugene shows up in Shazam! is due to the fact that the movie stars actor Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) in an unnamed role. Bluntly stated, Butler straight up looks like a real-life superhero and he's also the same ethnicity as the child actor (Ian Chen) playing Eugene. Butler has been hypnotizing audiences with his pecs for years and now it's time for him to hypnotize the bad guys with his mind.

5 Dr. Sivana - Confirmed

Mark Strong as Dr Sivana in Shazam

Another comic book movie, another villain played by Mark Strong. It only makes sense that Dr. Sivana shows up in the big screen adaptation of Shazam! Other than Black Adam, Sivana has been Shazam's arch-enemy since day one. The comic books have usually depicted Sivana as a primarily intellectual villain. However, the movie is presenting Sivana as a triple threat guy - brains, brawn, and bald. There's a point in the DC comics timeline where Sivana acquires the ability to walk through walls. Hopefully, the movie doesn't require Shazam to run down a hallway or he's in deep trouble.

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4 Pedro Pena (Adult) - Rumored

It's okay to admit that most people haven't heard of Pedro Pena. The boy is one of Billy's fellow foster friends and he's initially picked on by the other kids for having a stutter. Everything changes when Pedro is granted powers and turns into a super buff grown up with an amazingly thick beard. People more than likely stopped messing with Pedro due to his newfound strength, but a well-groomed beard never hurts either. So get this, an actor named D.J. Cotrona that happens to be super ripped with an awesome beard plays an unspecified role in the movie. Go ahead and fill in the gaps.

3 Freddy Freeman - Confirmed

A hero is only as good as his sidekick. Although Freddy has gone through many different arcs in the comic books, this version of the character is directly inspired by the New 52 Shazam. Freddy has been crippled since birth and becomes Billy's best friend after they're placed in the same foster home. Eventually, Freddy inherits the same powers as Billy and becomes the sidekick known as Captain Marvel Jr. There's no official confirmation whether or not Freddy becomes Captain Marvel Jr. in the movie, but it's more than likely such an essential part of the character will be left intact. Just a tip, take the Jr. out of the guy's name. It's going to give the poor kid an inferiority complex.

2 Mary Bromfield (Adult) - Rumored

The universal law of comic books dictates that if there's a Shazam, then there must be a Lady Shazam. Mary Bromfield runs away from her abusive home and becomes an orphan. She meets Billy in a foster home and soon receives abilities similar to Shazam's superpowers. There's no concrete evidence for a Lady Shazam cameo, but actress Grace Fulton plays the young version of Mary. If the rest of the Shazam Family looks like they're showing up in the film, why wouldn't Lady Shazam?

1 Mister Mind - Rumored

Who or what is the only thing capable of going toe to toe with Shazam? A giant worm named Mister Mind. Yes, that's right. If recent reports are true, the slithery villain shows up in the after credits scene. With such big eyes like Mr.Mind, here's hoping a live action version of him looks a bit less horrifying than the live action Sonic The Hedgehog.

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