Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

Since the release of The Dark Knight in 2008 the internet has been going crazy with rumors about the next Batman film. Following the tragic death of Heath Ledger we can assume that The Joker won't be making a return to Gotham, but there is now a rumor circulating that The Riddler might me the next villain to tackle Batman, but he shouldn't worry as Dick Grayson (aka Robin) will be on hand to help out!

Believe it?

I don't - any news at this point on a Batman film is probably a load of BS.

Nolan will be keeping his cards close to his chest , and I severely doubt that any sort of plot or character leak would be made at this early stage.

The not always reliable Comic Book Movie has an an anonymous source named TT who states the following facts:

This news isn't a huge surprise considering Goyer's recent departure from FlashForward and because Nolan is completing work on Inception, so fans and other assorted folks will start throwing out ideas and casting theories to pass the time. Here are my thoughts:

  • The Riddler is a likely candidate to take on some bad guy duties (but who isn't at this stage).
  • Arkham Asylum will feature in the film - really? Not a surprise as it played a big part in Batman Begins.
  • Classic villains will cameo? Again not surprising - but I doubt that Mr Freeze (or Dr. Fries) will. He doesn't really fit into Nolan's world, and does anyone remember a film called Batman and Robin?

Barbara Gordon will have a featured role - wait - isn't she already married to Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon? As for a daughter, the time frames just won't add up.

Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and Lex Luthor - flip a coin Two-Face style for the chances of that. I'd bet on it not happening, even with Nolan "godfathering" the new Superman film.

As for Dick Grayson - Nolan and Christian Bale have stated before that their Gotham has no place for the boy wonder. As for a mention of the character or his name - I really doubt it!

If Christopher Nolan's third Batman film does move ahead in the coming months prepare to be inundated with (even more) rumors of villains and Superman cross-overs.

Much like the plots of his films, Nolan likes to keep us guessing, so I'd buckle-up and prepare to be taken on a wild journey of rumor and innuendo for the next year or so until something is confirmed by Nolan or Warner Bros.

More on Batman when we get it.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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