Rumor Patrol: Darren Aronofsky is Still Directing Robocop

A mountain got made out of a molehill recently when CHUD's Devin Faraci sparked a wild rumor that director Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream) might be off the Robocop remake that MGM currently has in production.

Well Ain't It Cool News is playing rumor-killer today: AICN has gotten in touch with Aronofsky himself, who answered the rumor by stating, "No, still on it."

Guess we can chalk this rumor up to another example of what happens when bloggers get too eager.

This is how the whole 'Aronofsky off of Robocop' rumor started: Faraci saw a video that was shot recently at the Edinburgh Film Festival; during a Q&A with Aronofsky, one crowd member raised a question about the Robocop remake and Aronofsky (a seasoned veteran of film, remember) responded by seeming ignorant of such rumors, or even what "Robocop" was.

Now, I could tell you that Aronofsky was simply displaying some dismissive wit to an aggressive fan- but then I'd be accused of exploiting 20/20 hindsight. Instead, I leave it up to you the reader: below is the footage of the Q&A with Aronofsky - at about 3:45 into it he gets the Robocop question. Watch his reaction and tell me if you have any "confusion" about whether it was genuine or not:

Wow... How did that brief moment get turned into such a big rumor so quickly? Seriously, it seems like people sometimes need just half a syllable out of a celebrity's mouth before they go running wild with speculation. Thankfully the blogosphere is pretty good about policing its own (take it from somebody who has both done the policing and felt the long arm of blogging law), so kudos to Harry over at AICN for getting the story straight.

What do you think about Darren Aronofsky helming the Robocop remake?

Robocop is slated for release in 2010.

Source: CHUD

Reliable Source: AICN

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